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NIP Haters
Denmark Device_no_1_always 
Ok there are a lot of haters of NIP now that device joins because with his fans he brings haters. The more famous the player the more haters. Most haters pf s1mple because he is the most famous and successful in this game. Now we all know that flashpoint production is shit. If the match is at 9:30 they start the stream at 9:30. There are no proper analysis and no proper replay of rounds. The sounds of the games are horrible. They have decent casters. Overall that production is shit. What NIP said was true ofcourse they were facing so much packet loss that is why after 2 rounds when the score was 1-1 on overpass there was a long technical break. Flashpoint did not handle the situation nicely. And the haters say it was an excuse. Why would they take a technical pause for about an hour or less for the score of 1-1. I am tired of this stupid hltv haters. All I see is they hate the successful ones. S1mple zywoo and dev1ce the most. What a shit load of people.
2021-05-15 18:58
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2021-05-15 18:59
If something is famous, someone on hltv is going to hate it.
2021-05-15 18:59
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
+1 Usually the way the world works, most times it is done out of jealousy.
2021-05-15 19:28
2021-05-15 19:00
tldr : hltv users have 1iq
2021-05-15 19:01
Germany Shackrag
NIP lost and you have to accept that. Their might have been technical issues but they were not the reasons they lost. No reason to make excuses
2021-05-15 19:02
nip fans shouldn't feel embarrassed to lose to THE TRUE LEGEND SNAX didn't stand a chance to begin with tbh
2021-05-15 19:20
Russia yungyoda
+1 brother nailed it. 😎👌
2021-05-15 19:23
United States daly92
I aint reading all that, but congratulations. or sorry
2021-05-15 19:25
*If the match is at 9:30 they start the stream at 11:30
2021-05-15 19:27
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
All players will have their fair share of haters and that is extremely unfortunate.
2021-05-15 19:29
Canada Femtal
not reading all that but nice cope im a fan of NIP but they choked really hard vs Anonymo
2021-05-15 19:30
use "sport" and cya
2021-05-15 19:31
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