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Someone knows how to put black bars on top and bottom?
2021-05-16 00:27
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no sorry
2021-05-16 00:27
GuardiaN | 
Finland eIe
2021-05-16 00:28
why would u want to
2021-05-16 00:29
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Because I used to play on xbox like that, and now I want the same in csgo
2021-05-16 01:11
Ukraine Dert_
mat_pronto_resolution 2
2021-05-16 00:30
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On cs:go console? Or in inicialization options?
2021-05-16 01:14
go to console type "quit smoking"
2021-05-16 01:12
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KKKKKKKKKKKKK I don't smoke mate
2021-05-16 01:14
There is an option in the resolution configs
2021-05-16 01:12
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In csgo? or nvidia control panel?
2021-05-16 01:14
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In csgo, i don't remember exactly where is, but there's a part u can choose the height of the black bars and I don't think position is possible, but if u use a monitor u can choose too
2021-05-16 01:16
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Ty, I found it
2021-05-16 03:25
Just create a new custom res in your graphics card settings. Set the horizontal res equal to your native res, and then figure out how much height you want. If you're on a 1080p monitor, 2:1 might be a good place to start (1920x960). Then you can just set it in game.
2021-05-16 01:17
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Thanks man, you helped
2021-05-16 03:28
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Awesome, have fun with cinematic CS. Dunno why you'd want that, but then again I've got an ultrawide monitor so I guess that would make me a hypocrite lol
2021-05-16 23:19
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