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no plano
United Kingdom Keyed_ 
reading into "the plan" a little more, it really seems there is no plan apart from just play this RMR and hope an org is suddenly interested since obviously at the moment they are having to fund their bootcamp themselves none of them have a job
2021-05-16 02:10
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o plano so good ez 4 brazil
2021-05-16 02:15
i no careo
2021-05-16 02:11
good thing they got money from mibr though, so they could pay to go independent and tell them to fuck off
2021-05-16 02:11
with the attention they draw im sure the only problem is the contracts they demand. they will land an ok deal for sure
2021-05-16 02:12
They are backed by an investor, we in the BR community have many theories about it but we know there is finacial people involved One of the theories we have is that they will be signed by an ORG but like MIBR O PLANO tag under a team like Envy or something like that another theory we have is that the investors are actually making the O PLANO org as a whole because they will make money of it in merchandising, viewership sponsorships, we even speculate about a "Supporter's card" (we pay every month like 5 reais ) to help the team Many theories really
2021-05-16 02:13
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Turkey ozymandiasq
They say UFO's are real men)). That's a good theory
2021-05-16 02:18
United States ReyCuadrado
They have been disappointing in general. They were so hyped up by getting some of the best Brazilian players currently, saying they are getting backed up by an org and now they are struggling against tier 3 NA teams with no org.
2021-05-16 02:14
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"struggling" 5 months without playing, of course they will have issues training is training my friend if they start playing regularly in MDL's and stuff, they will climb to the top
2021-05-16 02:16
Brazil weSsz0rs
They have orgs interested in them, but they have refused all proposals, because they want to have control over their own line, championships and their own future.
2021-05-16 02:17
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