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wearing headphones too much
GeT_RiGhT | 
Canada roylin 
if u wear headphones too much, does some blood thing form by your ear? it happen to me, i am alive but, its sjust weird
2021-05-16 03:04
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Belgium Woke!
again in english
2021-05-16 03:05
Russia TRAV1SZ
closed type + not for your head form probably only closed type. try to change ambischurs or earphones
2021-05-16 03:10
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OK ty
2021-05-16 03:19
Serbia eliiiiii_
I used to get ear pain if you're using earbuds, try with bigger headphones, and if you're using bigger, try even bigger form factor because even going down a level quality-wise in favor of comfort is worth it for headphones imo
2021-05-16 03:21
If you listen something for extended periods of time very loud then it might damage your hearing. Rest is is as per usual - more expensive headphones = more comfort (excluding any apple products)
2021-05-16 03:23
Afghanistan amazed1337
2021-05-16 03:34
it also fucks up your hair.
2021-05-16 03:36
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Europe Nuskel
due to the friction right? but idk if it applies to every headphones.
2021-05-16 03:40
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nah it just gives you a nice dent lul
2021-05-16 03:44
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Europe Nuskel
you got me confused now haha
2021-05-16 03:46
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have you never worn headphones for too long for many days in a row? I used to have a big dent
2021-05-16 03:47
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Europe Nuskel
yeah, I have, but wdym with big dent? the only dent I used to have was behind my ears due to the glasses. Also I get a lot of black rubbery stuff because my earpads are pretty old. I need a new headset haha
2021-05-16 03:51
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