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RNG MSI 2021
China SalttyNoodles 
12-0 beat damwon And at least 3 other lpl teams could get at least 11-1
2021-05-16 03:55
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Ok cool
2021-05-16 03:57
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is it?
2021-05-16 04:00
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yes because damwon won worlds
2021-05-16 04:02
Hmm... Groupstage ones are really, really irrelevant. UoL and Pentanet, that's worse than Wildcard regions and PGG went through because that group only had 3 teams RNG the strongest team in the tournament imo nevertheless (some shaky wins) MAD for revelation team. They're making history in my book
2021-05-16 04:01
little tiger is really good
2021-05-16 04:02
I would give everything to see the goat of ADC UZI God comeback ...
2021-05-16 04:10
who cares c9 will still come back and make it out of rumble and win msi
2021-05-16 04:14
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nt trying to predic but you just jinxed them and they are going 0-10
2021-05-16 04:30
so china > korea?
2021-05-16 04:48
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