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Cloud9 CSGO summary LMAO
Europe Your_HLTV_Friend 
They got rid of the current Extra Salt for building a new roster by spending millions of dollars on players who were unfit for Tier 1(together) and an IGL(who was on a huge break) who wasn’t made to lead an inexperienced team of players like this. They made this possible by hiring a caster/analyst who I respect a lot because of his legendary past, Atleast in counter strike. But I was really disappointed of him for making a team like this where ALEX had to go from playing with The Tank, apex and Zywoo to playing with players where none of them were experienced entry fraggers. Literally 2 support players, one awper and one lurker from Astralis who was made to entry by the manager. Then they shutdown the whole team by claiming that EU is expensive and everything. I get that. But it’s not like extra salt is a big org or something. Even they can afford EU bootcamps for tournaments. They could’ve been upfront like 100T and said that “we don’t have partnerships in EU and don’t want to invest there”. Look at other small orgs from BR and NA competing in EU during this pandemic and financial crisis. They had everything they needed to make it work. But all I’m gonna say is guys, there is Money and then there is Smart Money. Have a good day.
2021-05-16 07:17
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name checks out!, i agree with what you said, they followed the moses coach trending and thought that it would be a good idea.
2021-05-16 07:19
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Hey cmon brother, I’m just trying to check the facts out
2021-05-16 07:20
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edited it ^^
2021-05-16 07:21
Moses came after Him? YNK was the first one to do it. Are you talking about the YNK trend?
2021-05-16 07:56
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that is the analyst trend !
2021-05-16 07:56
Pakistan LoOuU2
I still wonder how C9 would have turned out had they got Smooya instead of Woxic. The team had alot of problems but one of the biggest issue with them since the beginning was lack of a proper impact awper which never got solved.
2021-05-16 07:20
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the first problem was buying fuckin es3tag for like 2m? i don't even remember, he is just decent t2 player
2021-05-16 08:15
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Pakistan LoOuU2
i would say that Esetag got pretty much overhyped after his Astralis stint and maybe was getting a lot more credit that he should have but i still think he wasnt choice. TBH , literally no one in that C9 team was actually consistent or a main carry for the team . Everyone had their good and bad days. No one actually performed for the money they were paid for.
2021-05-16 08:18
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I still believe es3tag is amazing and versatile player that can fit into any role. But , yeah , absolutely not worth 2m$. Honestly , they just had to tweak the old C9 roster a bit around floppy and osee - +tarik as IGL , +xeppa , +obo maybe?
2021-05-16 09:10
They were close to Niko and Hunter. Es3tag was clearly down their list but I don't think they had much choice once G2 locked them up and Astralis decided selling the entire roster wasn't in their best interest. It's pretty well known those were their first two choices.
2021-05-16 08:51
Philippines batstew
he wasnt even an entry, should have gone after a strong entry duo rather than mezii and es3tag
2021-05-16 09:23
ropz | 
United States Goob
so biased
2021-05-16 07:23
na thinks only about money, how ever most of the times they lose it (clown9 especially)
2021-05-16 07:27
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Well it's really expensive to run a team out of North America right now. C9 tried to go all in as an investment on Flashpoint when you get right down to it. The real problem is that they weren't able to get Niko and Hunter. Floppy and Xeppa are talented guys and maybe one day they could have become Hunter level but you can't just thrust them into that and expect results. The real problem was Woxic was a walking 4750 decoy. If they'd gotten 80% of 2019 Woxic they might still be a team.
2021-05-16 08:50
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Well winstrike would ask like 3k max per month, nothing expensive + get a manager and easy NA players are the most overpaid
2021-05-16 09:19
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I mean you literally have no way of knowing that. I highly doubt TL or EG's salaries are out of line with what a G2 or Astralis is paying their players and we know for a fact Floppy and Xeppa weren't even close to the highest paid players on C9 and along with mezzi were the highest performers on the team. You might have been right in 2017 on 2018 but you are way off the mark right now. NA players past like 25 people just aren't getting paid at all and if you think Triumph or ES is shelling out 25k a month you're crazy. Edit: I'm not saying ex-Winstrike is an awful idea but C9 is an iconic brand in CS. It's not worth it for an org who defined NA CS for five years to sign a middling T2 CiS team. There's no way to monetize that and monetizing CSGO teams is a huge problem in NA and EU right now.
2021-05-16 09:29
India somecunt
Didn't read but true.
2021-05-16 07:58
They had potential but the roster was not built well. C9 the org should just stay out of CSGO at this point. They invest in rosters just to disband. It’s more bad for the scene than anything else. If they want to come back, just sign an orgless roster. Way less risky
2021-05-16 08:15
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ex-winstrike + they wouldn't ask huge salaries
2021-05-16 08:24
They won't get back into CSGO but the obvious pick up to me anyway is EG. EG is talented and they probably need a change of scenery more then anyone else barring Fnatic maybe in all of CSGO.
2021-05-16 08:47
I'll always say the same thing about ES and C9, they wanted the ES Roster to make some changes because they were never improving or getting decent results. ES chose to stick to their guns and wanted to stay as a team so C9 dropped them and looked elsewhere. Then when the ES roster changed orgs they ended up making changes that C9 wanted all along and end up being a top tier team in NA and a solid potential upset team in EU. Always interesting how people forget about that
2021-05-16 08:35
C9 wanted to keep ES but they wanted to make changes. ES guys did not. The irony of course is that ES ended up making changes and looks like a solid tier 2 team internationally and C9 doesn't exist. One thing though. There's so much misinformation regarding C9 and salaries. I always see people saying they are the higest salaries ever like they'd have any fucking clue. Not only that it's never leaked by anyone from nel to dekay to thorin to whomever that they were the highest salaries. On by the numbers it was actually said that the salary numbers were pretty pedestrian for the team as a whole. The real shame is if you'd kept Floppy on C9 along with ES and dropped MOTM for Fang they'd probably be even better. Instead we just lost another (two) young NA talents to Valorant. Sonic has really stepped up for the ES boys though. Osee is pretty consistent and I like what I see from Fang. And actually past that I think JT runs a pretty well run system for what is essentially a rookie IGL. And I've thought that latter part since they were C9. That team always looks well drilled particularly for a Tier 2 NA team and not just in Covid times. At any point this team looks well run. It's a shame he puts up Karrrigan numbers because I think he's a pretty fucking good IGL strategy wise. You can work with that but the players will have to develop even further or more changes will need to be made down the road.
2021-05-16 08:46
When shit like in the link below happens you should take it seriously but c9 did not take it seriously and it costed them a lot of money.
2021-05-16 09:50
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