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"NiP didn't want to reschedule"
Don't Cry | 
Spain Biggest_Dont_Cry_fan 
Because of the anonymo statement some people have understood NiP refused to reschedule the match after anonymo offered to do it, but the tweet said "they" refused to do it and didn't specify if it was NIP, faceit or flashpoint. Hltv news say "The Polish team added that they offered to postpone the match when the network issues were brought up - just two rounds into the series - and that this solution was not accepted by FACEIT." Which I assume they corroborated with anonymo so please stop saying that NIP didn't want to reschedule the match because that's just a misinterpretation of Anonymo's tweet.
2021-05-16 22:31
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Ireland JesuSenia
Dont expect brain from haters
2021-05-16 22:32
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2021-05-16 22:33
it was so obvious they meant flashpoint... but don't expect retarded people to comprehend basic texts. they are lucky they can even read.
2021-05-16 22:37
2021-05-16 22:33
Nobody read the article bro, its obvious.
2021-05-16 22:33
I have been trying to explain this to people all day long So many comments I've seen here are saying "NiP are scummy for not accepting to reschedule the game, playing the bo3 out and only after they lost asking to replay the game"
2021-05-16 22:34
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+1, doing the same for hours.
2021-05-16 22:35
Nip are scummy for saying that they accept that Anonymo won, but now all of a sudden want a rematch (read their first official statement, they said they accept that they lost)
2021-05-16 22:35
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Agreed. What I don't agree with is the amount of shit NiP are getting for that though. I think it's unproportional. But yes, that is petty and scummy for them to request a replay after saying that they accept that Anonymo won and played great etc.
2021-05-16 22:36
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Trashpoint denied postponing the match and said that you forfeit or play. The only logical thing you can do is play. If you wouldnt have played, you would not have anything to show for regarding lag issues so trashpoint would not investigate the issue and would not discover that they indeed actually fucked up. How is it scummy? They did all they can given a shitty situation to show they've been wronged and hardly there was any other way. Thats trashpoint who are to blame to create the situation like that.
2021-05-16 23:06
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Yea but I mean that it's scummy that they said in the tweet that they accept Anonymos win and that they played great etc But then request to replay the match. If they had truly accepted the win, they wouldnt have requested to replay the match. but honestly I think it's more to prove a point against flashpoint for NiP. they were really pissed at flashpoint for forcing them to play with lags
2021-05-16 23:08
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Obviously they did not accepted the loss. All tweets saying smth like "well played, enemy, you were better today" is pr bullshit so that you wouldnt look salty and negative which is not the best thing for the team's image. Everyone does it and thats fake as fuck. I dont think that this a dick messuring contest for nip. The question of staying in upper bracket is much more relevant here. I doubt that in international business you have shit like grudges, revenges and proving a point nonesense. Its childish, not productive and not likely to give possitive results, its not a movie
2021-05-16 23:18
Sweden GabeM
Statement was made when it still was believed it might been NiPs problem due to poor internet or similar so that is now irrelevant.
2021-05-16 23:14
Italy I_like_csgo
Yeah, if you have read Nip's statement, they are actually complaining about Flashpoint not giving them the option to reschedule and say that ESL did it when a similar situation happened. I guess people kinda didn't read both statements properly so Anonymo saying "they" made them think Anonymo mean both Flashpoint and Nip
2021-05-16 22:34
+1 so annoying when people say it was nip's decision
2021-05-16 22:51
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its their decision to force Flashpoint to have a rematch
2021-05-16 22:56
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They can't force anyone, they're on their right to ask for a rematch and it's flashpoint's responsibility to choose what to do (I admit it may have been different if it was a smaller org tho)
2021-05-16 23:14
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I guess thats the main reason people are shitting on NIP right now. Special treatment for big org
2021-05-16 23:26
Poland xMBTx
NIP offered... oh lord they have mercy
2021-05-16 22:52
Nip said in their statement that they proposed reschedule but flashpoint denied
2021-05-16 22:58
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Yeah but they either don't care or didn't read that
2021-05-16 23:09
United States NABOT
2021-05-16 22:59
Denmark Humber98
0IQ community at its best. With a bit of brain its obvious.
2021-05-16 22:59
Someone clarify what is this about Flashpoint writing "No official request to reschedule the match was made by either side" Are Flaspoint lying true their teeth OR hinting to some earlier point in this whole match BEFORE NIP was trying to get the match rescheduled. Just want to know all the facts. This detail is crucial in whether 100% flashpoint to blame or both Flashpoint and NIP. If I may continue this official statement were obviously written after the match which makes it so strange (or Flashpoint simply lying here). And what does FACEIT has to do anything with this, it's up to Flashpoint to make the call whether to reschedule the match.
2021-05-17 00:15
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