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Flashpoint / NIP Root Cause what?
Denmark Mads_Miskat 
Ok - Can anyone tell me how these 2 statements doesn't undermine eachother? Upon examining the documentation provided by the Swedish team and conducting "an extended sequence of tests, configurations and analysis", the organisers concluded that the issue was caused by "some security settings on the server that partially blocked traffic from the NIP connection/ISP, therefore confirming it was not something they could control and solve." and NIP then said in an organisation statement the team's technical issues were caused by "a routing problem" that could not be solved by switching servers or using a VPN, adding that the admins forced the team to play and that alternate solutions were refused. -------- Speaking from the viewpoint of me that has been working with networks for the past 6 years if NIPs ISP actually was blocked by a "security appliance" on Flashpoints servers, wouldn't switching to a VPN fix this issue? As that would make all packets look like they came from a different Destination/ISP? I think what might have happened is that either Flashpoint hasn't found the root cause ( From the facts we know as of now evidence would suggest that it was a problem at NIP's end ) or NIP messed up using a consumer grade VPN that cost 6$ a month, even my mom uses. Having bet 50$ on NIP to win, i don't mind a rematch, but i doubt there would have been a rematch if it was Anonymo complaining about packet loss, so to me it seems like NIP used their name to force Flashpoint into taking the blame and schedule a rematch. If NIP was anything like the organization they used to be, they would accept the loss and fight back in lower bracket. Never the less i've lost respect for both Flashpoint and NIP, but who cares about my opinion. :)
2021-05-16 23:21
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NiP should have just kept theit mouth shut and beat hyenas but their stupid ceo had to talk shit
2021-05-16 23:25
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What shit?
2021-05-16 23:41
Finland Kujis
No one cars.
2021-05-16 23:27
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i don't have a car, sad
2021-05-16 23:28
Denmark Mads_Miskat
Actually it's a pretty big deal when it comes to what Flashpoint is calling "Game Integrity", that when they choose to take away the win from Anonymo, their statement is bullet proof.
2021-05-16 23:31
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Finland Kujis
Never the less i've lost respect for both Flashpoint and NIP, but who cares about my opinion. :)
2021-05-16 23:32
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Denmark Mads_Miskat
Exactly, my opinion doesn't really matter - But i'm just saying that Anonymo could rip Flashpoints statement to pieces And if i was them i would have done so
2021-05-16 23:34
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Finland Kujis
2021-05-16 23:42
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Hello FBI, i would like to report a bait
2021-05-16 23:46
U deed?
2021-05-17 01:00
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Finland Kujis
What you know about rolling down in the deep?
2021-05-17 01:03
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When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
2021-05-17 01:06
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Finland Kujis
When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion (yeah)
2021-05-17 01:54
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I feel like an astronaut in the ocean… Ayy
2021-05-17 02:02
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Finland Kujis
🧑🏿‍🚀in the🌊 Ay
2021-05-17 02:07
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😘 Reply
2021-05-17 02:09
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Finland Kujis
Reply what
2021-05-17 02:17
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Reply needs to have actual content :(
2021-05-17 02:18
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Finland Kujis
2021-05-17 02:40
The real question is how they manage to block NiPs ISP
2021-05-16 23:37
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Denmark Mads_Miskat
Any security appliance can act up, but the reasoning that NIP's ISP was blocked, doesn't make sense, since NIP tried connecting via a VPN afterwards with same packet loss.
2021-05-16 23:40
What? Can you explain like you're explaining to a 5 year old why Flashpoint's explanation doesn't make sense? And why would they even take the blame for the lag issues if it wasn't actually their fault? They even said that they came to the conclusion that the lag issues were completely out of NiP's control, and they said that originally they thought it was NiP's fault and that's probably why they declined NiP's request to postpone the game.
2021-05-16 23:39
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Ok Flashpoint says that a "security setting" caused their server to reject some of the packet originating from the Internet Service Provider that NIP was using, this can happen if the firewall or another Security Appliance has been misconfigured. However - NIP stated that they tried using NordVPN, which would "for the server, that Flashpoint was running" make it seem like their packets are originating from a different ISP, which has not been blocked, so the problem would have been solved if the first statement was true. So therefore the 2 statements, are undermining eachother. I hope that makes sense
2021-05-16 23:46
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Idk, I am so clueless about this stuff. Hopefully there will be some more statements tommorow about this, that make the decisionmaking made by flashpoint clearer.
2021-05-16 23:54
FP said it was a routing issue with the ISP (Telia). It is not unreasonable to think that NordVPN routes their traffic through Telia and therefore the routing issues would still manifest.
2021-05-17 00:03
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No FP said that their security appliance throtled some of the packets originating from NIP's ISP ( Telia ) It wouldn't take a genius to know, that if you're having problems and the enemy team ( Anonymo ) isn't, then you shouldn't use a VPN server located in the same country as you and perhaps use a server located in the same location as the opponent team. If NIP used a server based in sweden the blame is entirely on NIP for being stupid - I might actually have to look up what ISP nordvpn uses in sweden for their servers after your comment.
2021-05-17 00:10
all i car about is liquid game soon finally!
2021-05-17 02:11
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2021-05-17 02:19
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