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Are we opening a dangerous precedent for CS:GO with the Flashpoint reschedule?
Portugal LADY_NINI - 
Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz probably never anticipated that his first game under the NIP flag would be so “controversial”, and for reasons that weren’t totally to do with him. Last Friday, NIP was having trouble with the connection, after the game was over, the Swedish team released a statement on Twitter, saying these weren’t problems of a top-tier organizer and Flashpoint needed to step up their game. Flashpoint decided today to reschedule the match against Anonymo, do you think this was the right call? Or do you agree with Maniac? Do you think we are opening a dangerous precedent for CS:GO? Source:
2021-05-16 23:55
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Ofc not NiP starting with the wrong foot the community will hate them for it
2021-05-16 23:56
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the loss spikes are proven, it's also proven that it was flashpoints fault and it's proven that flashpoint declined to reschedule during the tech pause. there is no reason to hate on nip and no precedent unless there are other games with 40% loss rates
2021-05-16 23:59
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Im already hating on NIP they could just refuse to play
2021-05-17 00:00
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then this is you personal opinion. from an objective point of view the match should be replayed, because anonymo won on unfair terms.
2021-05-17 00:02
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Europe noyesfast
Bro, objective point of view doesnt mean yours
2021-05-17 00:30
Finland RPGWiZaRD
Where does it say NIP actually asked Flashpoint for a reschedule, not in NIP's official statement and in Flashpoint's statement it said no match rescheduling requests were made.
2021-05-17 00:22
6 replies Correction May 16 22:16 : A previous version of this article said that NIP's players declined the offer to postpone the original match when the first map was still being played. Contacted by, Anonymo clarified that it was FACEIT, the tournament operator, that pushed for the match to continue. ok? get info before posting pls
2021-05-17 00:24
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Finland RPGWiZaRD
SO, what does FACEIT have to do with this decision at all? NIP should have asked Flashpoint admins directly. If it stranded on just listening to a FACEIT admin isn't that NIP's miscommunication/misjudgement of the situation. Flashpoint and only Flashpoint can make this kind of decision.
2021-05-17 00:26
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flashpoint is faceit i think
2021-05-17 00:28
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2021-05-17 00:29
both teams asked flashpoint to postpone. flashpoint = faceit -.-
2021-05-17 00:28
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Finland RPGWiZaRD
Well if FACEIT = Flashpoint it would make sense, I'm only watching CSGO and don't otherwise participate but always thought FACEIT is some kind of "premium" serverhosting company for CSGO with special services and stuff. As it seems to be it could be internal misinterpretation among the org too, at least the statement doesn't make sense like the guy who made the decision on the fly doesn't appear to be on the same page of the rest of the admins of the flashpoint org possibly. So this whole debacle could potentially be down to internal poor communication within Flashpoint as if they had asked the right person about rescheduling it probably had been possible...
2021-05-17 00:33
For someone who has worked with IT a few years, the ( proof ) that Flashpoint came forward with, doesn't match up with what NIP said they tried, when trying to fix the issue. You can literally only pick one: NIP using a VPN still having packet loss > Security Appliance throtling ( Telia Sweden / NIP ) > If the problem was caused by the servers rejecting packets from NIP / Telia Sweden, then NIP using a VPN would have solved the problem, as the packets would no longer originate from Telia and instead somewhere else in the world. Without knowing the exact setup, i am 99% sure that either NIP fucked up with the VPN or Flashpoint fucked up trying to pinpoint the issue... I've known people in first year of my education, that would have pieced that together, so how come Flashpoint or NIP can't?
2021-05-17 01:06
Europe Ufasas
it's just you who will think like that, you are not in others heads, trust me, mister all seeing eye
2021-05-17 00:46
Community should hate the org for scamming players yet here we are
2021-05-17 04:31
Shitpoint, nip should just take the L and continue playing
2021-05-16 23:56
REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
i think its fair, but we shouldnt blame the teams, we should blame flashpoint
2021-05-16 23:56
Disclaimer: lady nini is a astralis fan and still mad that god device left
2021-05-16 23:56
I dont think its the first time a team bent over backwards a tournament organizer. maybe this is the biggest one yet tho
2021-05-16 23:56
imagine if it were the other way around. I have a pretty hard time seeing Flashpoint acting in the favour of Anonymo in that case
2021-05-16 23:57
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If the positions were reversed, I would be pushing for a rematch if I was anonymo. And they would probably get a rematch too
2021-05-17 00:01
United Kingdom the_c0mpl3x
obviously not the correct decision
2021-05-16 23:57
Best Solution: Delete Flashpoint events best way is removing blast premier spot also not getting contracts to play in their tournaments amongst the best orgs
2021-05-16 23:58
This rematch is a joke. Bear in mind this is not a reschedule. The game was played and anonymo won, simple as. NiP had issues, but chose to play on. Flashpoint have shown they are at the top of the scene Yes, the top OF THE CIRCUS SCENE They've showcased exactly how not to run a tournament, and this most likely will not be an incident which will be repeated in the near future
2021-05-17 00:00
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Didn't both NIP and Anonymo agree to a rematch during the first tech pause, only for flashpoint to say that the game cannot be rescheduled and that they must play on?
2021-05-17 00:03
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I'm looking into this at the moment, but both orgs don't want to reveal much. From what I've gathered, anonymo proposed to postpone, or even to play of non-faceit servers. Now I do not know what FP/NiP's response to this was, but clearly there was a refusal
2021-05-17 00:05
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According to Flashpoint, "Neither team made an official request to reschedule the match.." According to NiP, "Flashpoint refused any alternate solution presented to them..the decision was made to force us to play regardless [of technical issues]......" According to Anonymo, "We offered to reschedule it [the match] after hearing about NiP's technical problems. They did not choose to do that." It's unclear if Anonymo is referring to NiP or Flashpoint in this part of their tweet, but I assume "They" is referring to Flashpoint. So it seems that Anonymo told Flashpoint they could reschedule and Flashpoint refused.
2021-05-17 00:18
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I've also been told about chats in the flashpoint discord, between both teams, but I don't have much to go upon
2021-05-17 00:19
2021-05-17 01:34
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Yes, I just saw his tweet. It's a big leap to conclude that NiP are somehow pressuring Flashpoint to reschedule, pretty insulting to the org. The 'evidence' Anonymo's PR person cited (a justifiably angry tweet from dev1ce) is not convincing. From all the information I've gathered I've concluded that Flashpoint is primarily responsible, and they made two mistakes: 1. Not rescheduling or postponing the match immediately once it was clear NiP had technical issues. 2. Deciding to reschedule the match after Anonymo won.
2021-05-17 01:39
Europe Ufasas
2021-05-17 00:49
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I know, i also play on 4g internet. But around 50-70ms ping. Shots does not connect. Pretty damn annoying.
2021-05-17 01:00
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Europe Ufasas
yep, and friend says, are you giving up, or what, FUCKING ANNOYING
2021-05-17 01:02
There has already been a ton of discussions regarding this, so I'm just going to give a short answer. I don't agree with decision of a replay.
2021-05-17 00:00
Imo they should just pause the game when that 30 percent loss happenned a few times. Just like football. When a player is injured or knocked out oppenents throw the ball outside and wait for him. To sum up they should get a tech pause until it is fixed if it happens again match should be postphoned
2021-05-17 00:01
I think everyone is to blame, except Anonymo, which got the worst end of the stick since they will have to replay a rough match and clutter their busy schedule even more. Device fired off a massive rant and got his fanbase into it when that should be up to the organisation to do. NiP used part of their pressure as a big org to get a minimal advantage on something that the community won't support them for and probably happens quite often in other online tournaments with teams from more wildcard countries. Flashpoint fucked up as per usual, and probably should had let them play outside of FACEIT servers if that meant things could go on as scheduled. If they did all they could inside their rules, they had to stick with the result.
2021-05-17 00:07
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Only Flashpoint is to blame imo. Sure, Dev1ce got mad on Twitter, but so what? He should have, this is a big enough tournament that shit like this matters. If what NiP said is true and there were security settings enabled on the server that caused the packet loss, then it is entirely Flashpoint's fault and they should reschedule. This isn't the same as one player having bad internet in their home, or the org having a bad connection to their facility. That's on the player/team to figure out, or if its an ISP issue it's just bad luck. Given that they mentioned they had no issues connecting to other servers, it should have been obvious that it was a FaceIt/Flashpoint problem. Also, Anonymo straight up lied on Twitter, saying that the decision was unsubstantiated and that the internet issues were not clear. Richard Lewis, someone who was chewing out Dev1ce for whining on Twitter only hours before, verified with FaceIt that the internet issues did indeed happen. TOs usually have some rule in their rulebook that allows them to make decisions about cases that aren't explicitly accounted for. This is one of them.
2021-05-17 00:56
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Why did Anonymo's PR person insinuate that NiP were somehow unfairly pressuring or corrupting Flashpoint and cite a malding dev1ce tweeting as evidence? Pretty amateur stuff, tbh.
2021-05-17 01:41
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Yeah idk, that was weird to me as well. I do think there is a valid point to be made about NiP having more power to influence the TOs decision in this situation, but really that doesn't hold until unless we're talking about a hypothetical where the roles are switched and they can't get a reasonable outcome because of their status as an org. Unless somebody can produce evidence that NiP actively refused to reschedule and the admins didn't force the match to resume, I think the decision to reschedule is the right one here. What Anonymo put out seems downright conspiratorial to me though. By saying they are being "pressured" by NiP and Flashpoint, that makes it sounds like they are being coerced into agreeing to a restart as if their opinion would or even should have any say on the outcome of the admin decision. They are being "pressured" in the same sense that they were "pressured" to play the match to begin with. They are being forced to replay the match, as they should, because all the current evidence suggests that there was a serious breach to the integrity of the game due to a technical issue directly caused by the tournament organizers themselves.
2021-05-17 02:36
CIS roye
also look from perspective where nip mad because lag, but they still win, with this logic nip having lag but if they win it also must be replayed somehow doubt it would happen
2021-05-17 00:08
Not only in CSGO. I have wasted a lot of time following multiple esports and a replay DAYS AFTER is totally without precedents.
2021-05-17 00:09
if this ends up being rescheduled it shows how much power the orgs have and the bigger orgs trying to bully the smaller orgs if this was G2 vs NiP and g2 was anonymo in this situation, i guarantee you nothing would've happened and NiP sure as hell wouldn't have tried to reschedule.
2021-05-17 00:25
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+1 just trying to scare some smaller orgs which actually feels bad since it should be the other way around.
2021-05-17 00:38
You're basing your opinion about a real world situation on a decision to a hypothetical you've come to in your own head? You have no idea what would happen if it involved 2 bigger orgs, nor does anyone else. And what the hell do you mean NiP is bullying Anonymo? They're pressuring Flashpoint to restart a match that was compromised from the start due to their own technical incompetence. Think about it this way: lets say this tournament were one LAN and one team was having consistent fps issues but the admins couldn't figure out why and forced them to continue playing. It turns that after the match somebody found out the team that complained about fps issues had been given cheap PCs running on integrated graphics while the other had state of the art machines, creating an unbalanced playing field from the very beginning, completely out of either teams control. Should the team that lost be penalized for conditions that were effectively rigged against them out of negligence? If so does that not create a bad precedent that allows admins to effectively manipulate games how they please, or not be held accountable for their own incompetence?
2021-05-17 02:55
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
If it was the error was that of Flashpoint's, then Flashpoint are to blame, NiP just handled the situation incorrectly.
2021-05-17 01:04
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+1, but I think NiP handled it about as well as they could have, at least on the org side. Dev1ce was definitely pretty nasty to the admin it seems, which is kinda shitty, but it seems like getting called out publicly was necessary for the admins to even do anything.
2021-05-17 02:42
DHW 2014 Fnatic did an illegal boost to shit on the frenchies, the frenchies especially NBK starting crying and getting community to turn on Fnatic.... The t/o ruled for a rematch (during a live fucking major on LAN btw), Valve stood by the ruling but Fnatic forfeit to the community hate. I don't really see why people consider this a new thing? DreamHack Bucharest 2013 NiP forced a replay against Fnatic to replay an overtime, Fnatic did replay the overtime and shit on them once again, ppl remember this event because JW disrespected GTR and rest of Fnatic was shouting insults on NiP.
2021-05-17 02:38
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2021-05-17 02:58
The Fnatic thing was a voluntary forfeit, and was forced to restart because technically both teams used boosts that triggered some texture bug that considered an exploit. Never looked into the reason behind the DH Bucharest thing though
2021-05-17 04:28
+1 Yeah these kinds of things aren't new which is exactly why Flashpoint's handling of this situation is so fucking pathetic. It's nearly a NINE year old fucking game. Please stop letting teams have a say in allowing rematches. It should be up to the TOs - period unless a team wants to forfeit.
2021-05-17 04:32
OK | 
Albania maidz4
i agree with maniac but i bet itll be cancelled anyway
2021-05-17 02:39
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