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Bought a burger with BTC
Europe AlertaAlerta 
Only had to pay $13 in transaction fees and only had to wait 10 minutes for it to go through. How amazing is this technology?
2021-05-17 02:11
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Much better than checks, which were our only option before the crypto revolution!
2021-05-17 02:12
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+1 crypto really changed to world! No idea how i would pay for my groceries without crypto.
2021-05-17 02:13
Or you could just spend real money and not pay the fees..?
2021-05-17 02:13
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No you dont understand how amazing bitcoin is! So much better than FIAT money!
2021-05-17 02:14
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You pay for a burger with bitcoin and then you pay what the burger costs (probably even more) in fees. Mennn?
2021-05-17 02:15
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It's an ironic thread, friend.)))
2021-05-17 02:16
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Mens why you didn't tell me earlier 😿 now I look like 🤡🔫
2021-05-17 02:18
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2021-05-17 02:18
Come to brazil and we eat burgers. My treat. 😋
2021-05-17 02:23
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Oof I'm afraid of come to Brazil 🔪 😳😳
2021-05-17 02:27
Edit your comment
2021-05-17 06:19
fiat is car not money
2021-05-17 02:19
CIS sexiestuser
just as amazing as paying for food with betting money trying to make a withdraw before they call the police
2021-05-17 02:13
the future is now
2021-05-17 02:13
lmao same, I tried paying with my binance card in mcdonalds drive thru, had to sit and wait in the drive thru for 5 min after ordering before going into the store to tell them the transaction had finally gone thru
2021-05-17 02:14
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why would you try that
2021-05-17 06:16
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cus I liked the idea of being able to buy stuff with dogecoin, no fees and cashback
2021-05-17 12:33
save the american that is in this man's house!
2021-05-17 02:15
Even forgetting all this...bitcoin and doge are so volatile...doge changes like 50% of it's value within a few's a no brainer that such a volatile currency cannot be used in mainstream
2021-05-17 02:20
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at least bitcoin is trying to revolutionize the way currency works dogecoin is just a shitcoin with no purpose outside of being a meme
2021-05-17 02:26
well, maybe it doesn't work best, but still made many crpytogods rich bois. And ppl that complain on crypto are just mad, that we, cryptogods are so rich 8)
2021-05-17 02:24
Bitcoin is still very young. We are early in this, go buy now while its cheap,
2021-05-17 02:25
Boomers hate this one simple trick
2021-05-17 05:49
so use lightning network you utter tool
2021-05-17 06:06
security and decentralisation > transaction speed & fees if you want fast low fee transactions, use layer 2 solutions e.g lightning network. failure to understand proof of work is failure to understand bitcoin. ironically people who understand ethereum and other PoS systems, are bitcoiners who understand them more than ethereum fanboys,
2021-05-17 06:15
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$Link Chainlink will power it all
2021-05-17 06:21
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maybe smart contracts that's it
2021-05-17 07:16
So you can buy one for just a fee but im a human trafficker when i do it Alright
2021-05-17 06:25
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