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Romania SanitySP 
Astralis sold Dev1ce for 1 million dollars. Asralis sold Es3tag for 2.1 million dollars. ????????????????????? Player economy more broken than pistol round loss ak armor economy
2021-05-17 03:25
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they did not sell es3tag for 2.1 million dollars, the whole deal itself was worth 2.1m including what he was to be paid
2021-05-17 03:28
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2021-05-17 03:29
arT | 
Europe omronTM
2021-05-17 14:17
everything in CS is broken
2021-05-17 03:28
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Including players salaries
2021-05-17 06:48
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Yep that what I meant everything
2021-05-17 14:16
actually dumb
2021-05-17 03:29
Prolly bait but es3tag was 500k
2021-05-17 06:51
Astralis didn't get 2.1m for Esetag. Maybe like 500k The other 1.6m was his salary over 3 years(or however long his contract was).
2021-05-17 07:03
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so he can enjoy free 1.6m salary now without playing for 3 years??
2021-05-17 07:05
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idk how their contract works. It depends om what is written in his contract. If they a clause which mentions that if a player gets benched, he will get reduced salary or no salary, then he wont get as much. But if not then he will get the told amount until some other team buys him out. That's why you see orgs selling players for free because they don't want to keep giving them salary. For eg - Bale is Real Madrid was happy to warm the bench because he was getting $$$.
2021-05-17 07:11
Astralis sold Es3tag for 500k. We just have to assume but Device's 3 year contract including his salary will be over 5 Million.
2021-05-17 07:07
You also need to take into consideration that devices contract was about to end and it was worth 1m so you can imagine what it would've cost at full 3 years smh people so silly.
2021-05-17 07:12
United Kingdom dnxxx
The amount a player is sold is also relative to how long is left on contract, esetag was just signed while device didnt have that long on his contract
2021-05-17 11:06
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