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Future reasons for replay games
Sweden hltvmen 
Since we now have a president that any game can be replayed, what things can cause a replay? -DDOS -high ping -lose to big underdog -cry on twitter
2021-05-18 06:52
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pixel boost Anyway, 🤡nline CS
2021-05-18 06:53
Ireland JesuSenia
2021-05-18 06:55
REZ | 
Mexico MEXlCO
i think teams should be disqualified if they win against liquid, that way liquid can win more tournaments
2021-05-18 06:59
Brazil loldougie
Another stupid thread about this BS
2021-05-18 07:02
cry is free they won first map "unplayable" they won like what, 16-3? next two maps OMG SO UNPLAYABLEEE OMGGG LOSS DUDE.. OMGG REPLAY GUYS WE DEFINETLY NEED A REPLAY OR ELSE LIKE OMG, OUR P- like bro lol
2021-05-18 07:09
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Ireland JesuSenia
Because anonymo is dogshit
2021-05-18 07:11
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cry Connor mcgregor
2021-05-18 07:11
Ireland JesuSenia
+They offered reschedule at 1-1,dumbass
2021-05-18 07:12
If a team get DDOS:ed what happens then? Will they change server? Play without the player?
2021-05-18 07:16
United States NABOT
‘President’ precedent
2021-05-18 07:18
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