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forsaken | 
Cyprus somehow 
if the famous 30-40 % packet loss was such a huge problem this map shouldnt have been this close
2021-05-18 22:23
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i am | 
Finland iBait
to be fair device isn't often gonna disappear from the server like that
2021-05-18 22:23
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2nd time playing mirage after 2 years
2021-05-18 22:24
Ukraine McSwell
Everybody understands now that "packet loss" was just a salty excuse of swedish loosers.
2021-05-18 22:24
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ye we need to replay all matches now cause some ppl are butthurt
2021-05-18 22:25
uh huh go play a pug with random spiking and lets see how well you do mate ;)
2021-05-18 22:25
excuse at 1:1 score of 1st map?? braindead
2021-05-18 22:30
anonymo are a good team on mirage and NiP is a dog tier2 team thats it
2021-05-18 22:24
Italy I_like_csgo
It is online, and bo1. This one map doesn't represent much in terms of which team is better, and how much better. That's why I wanted a bo3, sure the favorite won, but it feels shallow to me
2021-05-18 22:25
Richard Lewis and fl0m somehow really push the idea that NIP is the actual bad guy in this whole situation. Not sure why is this.
2021-05-18 22:25
Poland SchuceK
2021-05-18 22:26
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