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The people that hated on NIP were wrong..
United Kingdom SomeFuwkingCunt 
1. It was a great game, EZ4R EZ 2. The first time they played mirage NIP were playing at a significant disadvantage and you guys shitted on them for wanting to replay the map? get the hell outta here man NIP won fair and square unlike anonymo this doesn't mean act like a bunch of cunts in the forums spamming ANONYMO LOL XDDDD or NIP CLOWN or some stupid shit like that if anything we should be shitting on flashpoint/faceit for being so incompetent, also there is absolutely no reasons we shouldn't be doing LANs right now when numerous other games/tourny organizers have had lans far before this even
2021-05-18 22:24
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2021-05-18 22:26
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