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Denmark spying on EU for US
Netherlands human_being 
What you doing Denmark?
2021-05-31 00:06
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Reveal your secrets at once Denmark!
2021-05-31 00:07
Denmark Yikesslol
2021-05-31 00:08
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thanks ;)
2021-05-31 00:10
you have a mouz flair, our lord and savior ropz forgives you brother
2021-05-31 00:10
i'm not angry just sad
2021-05-31 00:11
its ok for now :D
2021-05-31 00:39
Something rotten?
2021-05-31 00:08
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2021-05-31 00:11
w8 wot? If true big waste of time for the US and a big waste of reputation for Denmark.
2021-05-31 00:08
what they be spying on tho mens) Looking for secret pedos mens)?
2021-05-31 00:08
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2021-05-31 00:17
Tit for tat - nothing new US had free access to all info in Denmark - as well as all their other allies
2021-05-31 00:09
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Not "all info" but literally all traffic through Danish internet cables
2021-05-31 00:19
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It's old news here in Denmark - no one rly cares
2021-05-31 00:40
lulstralis spying na 😡😡😡
2021-05-31 00:11
Denmark leaking EU strats to NA. No wonder they won in Valarante (child game btw)
2021-05-31 00:38
Sweden mrarrogant
it wasnt russia so its ok
2021-05-31 00:39
2021-05-31 00:39
Did the danish government know about this, or was it behind their back. I`ve heard that our secret service literally leaked VW tech and stuff to the NSA KEKW.
2021-05-31 00:42
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leaking vw tech, very smart way to destroy american car makers
2021-05-31 00:44
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hahahahahahahah good one
2021-05-31 00:46
Poland J4nke
Keep the american cars as they are, but maybe they will learn from vw how to make interior out of something else than papermache on a budget. Chrysler interiors feel like driving an origami car.
2021-05-31 00:55
Denmark working with the devil what else is new
2021-05-31 00:48
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