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fans of big companies
Serbia eliiiiii_ 
people would actually fight other people over elon musk/tesla/apple lmao y'all are actually fighting over multi billion/trillion worth individuals or companies because you liked one of their products xd
2021-06-06 01:12
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Finland Karppanator
lol u fan of big name football teams because you liked one of their players xd lol u fan of your country because you just fucking happened to be born there
2021-06-06 01:13
Myanmar roye
in many ways its good thing more followers cheaper products i dont mind sorry good luck fighting over cr or messi, g2 or gambot
2021-06-06 01:14
fan of g2
2021-06-06 01:14
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Myanmar roye
:DDDD kid lost some iq on his way to school
2021-06-06 01:15
+1 You are right.
2021-06-06 01:18
I like elon musk's companies because they represent a more sustainable future and more space research
2021-06-06 01:18
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Tell me In what way is Bitcoin and Green energy sustainable xd
2021-06-06 01:48
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elon musk doesn't own bitcoin and green energy is literally the definition of sustainable energy
2021-06-06 11:55
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Green energy is the definition of Unsustainable It contaminates more than nuclear energy Costs more Is more inefficient And countries will have to end up importing energy from others. Besides that, he used to empower and invest into bitcoin which is also unsustainable
2021-06-06 13:27
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Nuclear energy costs more than renewable energy, it's efficient and I am a fan of it but it is extremely costly, nuclear waste is a big problem and takes decades in order to return profit. Renewable energy is perfect for nearly every country in the world. In the tropics you can use solar energy. Wind is a good energy source for places close to the ocean and geothermal is good for countries with tectonic activity. Hydro is also good but can be misused (like in china). That I saw and didn't really like but I think he said he would stop allowing customers to pay with bitcoin because of the dirty mining business
2021-06-06 13:31
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Nuclear energy is cheaper, to make green energy as efficient as it you need to construct way more, at that point they would occupy double the space. Compare Germany and France per example, Germany started with the Green energy bullshit while France did their Nuclear reactors, and now Germany has to import energy from damn Poland. Nuclear Waste is minimal, nothing compared to the space it would take renewable energy to actually compare to nuclear
2021-06-06 13:34
2021-06-06 12:21
Singapore Am2de
Still better than Dream fanbase. Dream fanbase has to be one of the worst fandom alongside pokimane fanbase. Should have seen latest drama on twitter. And imagine being so stupid that you spend your precious time online defending someone you don't even know in real life and if you met them they wouldn't even give a shit
2021-06-06 01:49
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>Still better than Dream fanbase. Dream fanbase has to be one of the worst fandom alongside pokimane fanbase. >Should have seen latest drama on twitter. ok
2021-06-06 13:39
tribalism is instinctive.
2021-06-06 01:52
is that bad
2021-06-06 01:54
brand-tied ppl very retarded that is an illness and is caused by owning something that is heavily based on a brand (eg IPhone). It transforms people into idiots. Mostly kids are into it but there has always been one good example around all the ages - cars)) Yes also i read the comments above and agree a lot, people protect brands like they are getting payed, thanks to them companies earn a feeling of inviolability and do any shit they want priced 10times. And those dummies still get to simp in a way for that corp, even after that, that is also apple-relatable
2021-06-06 02:05
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Being a fan/liking a certain company/brand because you liked their product or service isn't wrong or retarded lol However if you defend and like thier "objectively shit" service or product based on the fact that they once made a good product and you liked it then that's just stupid lol
2021-06-06 12:05
who cars
2021-06-06 11:58
By your logic people shouldn't be fan of anything at all
2021-06-06 11:59
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