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Rap music connoisseurs come here
Luken | 
Argentina FLYremixer 
What's the name of this song? it was used today during VP vs NiP.
2021-06-07 03:20
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India nimr0d69
use shazam mens
2021-06-07 03:21
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Not working mens :(
2021-06-07 03:22
CIS sexiestuser
bro even lyrics search dont work its probably richard lewis freestyling during the intermission
2021-06-07 03:25
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2021-06-07 03:26
United States gweees
2021-06-07 03:26
They usually have a playlist on Spotify or something you can look up
2021-06-07 03:26
sounds like it could be a song from therealAK
2021-06-07 03:31
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Thanks man, found it, can't find an official version tho, don't know if it was commissioned by ESL or just a remix.
2021-06-07 03:41
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wait wtf i got it correct. xD . i listen to this guy occasionally and very shocked i got this right tbh but ur welcome glad i could help
2021-06-07 03:42
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