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most nostalgic youtube video ever
Latvia backwheeldrive 
it was epic sounding quality in 2007
2021-06-11 00:31
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No.. not at all
2021-06-11 00:32
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+111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 this though I prefer with a spirit
2021-06-11 00:32
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the good old days when gta sa tutorials and club penguin tutorials all has this song, I wish I could go back
2021-06-11 00:34
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i remember how everyone hated it for being so overused... unaware of living in the best time ever
2021-06-11 00:36
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what poor naive fools we were, fuck I miss late 2000’s and early 2010’s, my childhood :D
2021-06-11 00:37
5 replies i still listen to all this and dream of going back hahaha
2021-06-11 00:38
4 replies you’ve just reminded me of this instant classic, I’m not at all into rock or metal but this song brings back memories ALSO THIS SONG, INSTANT CLASSIC, music video is super sus though
2021-06-11 00:40
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the way let the bodies was overused in tutorials was hilarious imagine a guy clicking icons on windows 7 with that playing hahahah i was at my cousins browsing the internet and some tutorial had that. his speakers were cranked up pretty high and it went FLOOOOOOOOOOR real loud at like 2 am... lmao the first time i heard somebody that i used to know was on a 1.6 bhop server.. i was on a skype call with a guy and i was like what the hell is this trash song? then the chorus hits in and i'm like OOOOMGG this is SOOO GOOOOD! hahahah thnks fr th mmrs
2021-06-11 00:44
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heading that in every tutorial back then sucked so much haha I first heard somebody that I used to know when my older sister was playing some pc game with it in the background np :)
2021-06-11 00:45
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i spelled it that way bc lol also this was everywhere
2021-06-11 00:47
u just made me listen to that again.... worth the 9 minutes 58 seconds
2021-06-11 11:38
It's actually not that bad. The vocals are meh and baseline is outdated
2021-06-11 00:35
what the fuck i don't even have to click play on the embed to hear the song
2021-06-11 00:53
ropz | 
Finland kurtits
2021-06-11 00:34
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+99999999 THIS FOR SURE
2021-06-11 00:35
DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE that's a god damn throwback
2021-06-11 01:12
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:DDDD fr
2021-06-11 01:14
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real OG
2021-06-11 00:53
2021-06-11 00:39
2021-06-11 00:51
2021-06-11 01:14
PVP at the GOAT mmorpg
2021-06-11 01:16
everyone who used youtube back in 2006-2009 know this
2021-06-11 01:17
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Sweden mrarrogant
+++ and that fat star wars kid it was fun laughing at fat kids
2021-06-11 01:19
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i actually do not remember the fat star wars kid video but this is also nostalgic
2021-06-11 01:22
2021-06-11 01:19
2021-06-11 09:41
Israel Xpicyy
2021-06-11 11:25 This in every single frag video, soz if it was already mentioned :D
2021-06-11 11:44
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