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Vitality win IEM?
DEv | 
Sweden ve! 
OG cannot beat Vitality if gambit beat g2,Vitality have a 90% chance of winning But if g2 beat gambit,its 50/50 What do you think?
2021-06-11 21:21
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Denmark pebblez
Why Vitality 90% chance if it's against Gambit?
2021-06-11 21:22
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DEv | 
Sweden ve!
They already beat them 2-0,gambit are not sharp and hobbit is doing terribly this event
2021-06-11 21:26
Poland v1ctorex
Probly because they beated them in group stage
2021-06-11 21:27
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Gambit beat NaVi in DH group stage
2021-06-11 21:27
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