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I wonder when will G2 win something? :/
2021-06-13 03:23
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Latvia heywire
When semi-finals dont exist anymore.
2021-06-13 03:24
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and finals lul
2021-06-13 03:25
When gambit decide to unexist
2021-06-13 03:27
when -ch0k0
2021-06-13 03:29
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+1 -ch0k0 and they will have to play t2 tournament like DH where G2 will have a chance ! Oh wait, they already did it long time ago
2021-06-13 03:37
They severely lack consistency rn
2021-06-13 03:31
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United Kingdom TwizzIr
I don't think that's the case here. I think Gambit have just returned to their worldbeater form.
2021-06-13 03:38
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Hard to tell, also Navi look really good rn
2021-06-13 03:39
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United Kingdom TwizzIr
True, but I don't see what that has to do with my point.
2021-06-13 03:44
They lack firepower (dedicated awp), if Niko or Hunter have a bad day then they'll lose, amanek and jackz can't even hit 1.0 rating most of the times.
2021-06-13 03:40
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United Kingdom TwizzIr
Firepower and consistency aren't the same issue. Yes, we probably could be better contenders with a T1 AWPer, however I think AmaNEk could grow to be that for us in the future. Our consistency is definitely improving considering this roster has been together for literally 3 months, I think people are asking too much of the team too early. We're making semi and quarter finals now, not wins I understand but Astralis/TSM weren't winning events from day one.
2021-06-13 03:50
lmao, try to hit 1.0 rating while 2-3 of your teammates are baiting you XD why do you think hunter was so happy about jackz's return? jackz is kind enough to get baited
2021-06-13 06:54
they won't, they just lack everything a team needs to win big events
2021-06-13 03:38
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They have Niko
2021-06-13 03:42
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even NiKo isn't the s1mple type of player that will carry an entire team to a tournament win he is sick but just doesn't get to that point
2021-06-13 04:21
Brazil Bactuga
Amanek just need to work on his aim, he sometimes feels too shaky and misses easy shots
2021-06-13 04:10
Indonesia lukerey
Only time can tell. Tbh i think they need a tier 1 awper to compete with top 3 teams. Waiting for amanek to be good isnt gonna be enough eventually.
2021-06-13 04:26
smack talking G2 for losing to the #1 team in the world.... what do you expect just have some sense and dont post these
2021-06-13 04:30
i mean its ok if gambit beats them. g2 played well this tournament but idk if they have the final killing ability
2021-06-13 07:02
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