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is it me or...
Portugal schplunky 
since the Valve update, there are more hackers/smurfs?
2021-06-13 03:27
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what valve update
2021-06-13 03:29
Myanmar roye
its just you i think, and you where you are playing non prime or something
2021-06-13 03:31
woxic | 
Brazil veinnN
same shit as before, mm sucks
2021-06-13 03:39
switch to valorante
2021-06-13 03:40
no, its you
2021-06-13 03:47
It’s you
2021-06-13 03:54
I noticed it too
2021-06-13 04:02
probably think there are as many hackers because you're still as bad and can't distinguish better players from cheaters. it's just delusion like with 95% of people calling someone a hacker just cause they're getting owned
2021-06-13 04:03
United Kingdom BigFoid
ive gone against less lol
2021-06-13 04:04
doesnt make sense the amount of cheaters/smurfs to increase with the update so its you
2021-06-13 04:06
Brazil Bactuga
Maybe your enemy is just having a really good day :)
2021-06-13 04:11
only if you play unranked since it puts you with the non prime people
2021-06-13 04:13
smurfs are definitely more. all the boosted accs now actually have someone playing behind them
2021-06-13 04:18
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