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Feels sad for G2 fans
India Navi_Fore_Ever 
Just before the semis everyone were so happy about this new G2 form and thier fans were even bragging about G2 being one of the best teams rn. But reality is different. As I said in previous thread too G2 struggles against navi and gambit in playoffs. It remains true. But still I hope LAN will favour G2 than gambit because of more experience . But gambit will be a force to reckon with even on LAN's. Being on gambit in blasts. Navi will be waiting :)
2021-06-13 04:38
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2021-06-13 04:39
that’s what they get for littering this forum with their garbage takes and bragging about their fluke wins
2021-06-13 04:39
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I won't call it fluke because they really look good against non cis teams .
2021-06-13 04:40
Ancient strats did not pay off I see...
2021-06-13 04:40
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With firepower G2 has I thought they would go for inferno or D2 as second pick.
2021-06-13 04:41
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I mean.... We both know Gambit's firepower is insane as well. But I agree with you. G2 is far less tactical and patient as compared to Gambit and should have gone for a more puggy map like D2 or Mirage. Hell, their Inferno was one of their best maps. Was really surprised they picked Ancient.
2021-06-13 04:43
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IEM summer is least important tournament this year but still winning a tournament is better than not doing anything right. That's where gambit ambition to be the best is spot on and g2's lack of anti Strats against gambit was displayed.
2021-06-13 04:46
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Gambit is a machine and while I understand that 80% of their squad is young and will have more ambitions, I wonder how Hobbit keeps up with this level of work. Its rather amazing. G2 are usually caught off when something new is being played, be it a strat or an anti strat or a new map pick. My thoughts are that they rely on Malek for their strategising but when something that cannot be predicted happens, the role of the coach goes out of the window. And that's where G2 usually strugggle.
2021-06-13 04:49
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Hmm yeah
2021-06-13 04:50
United Kingdom TwizzIr
I had a feeling it would be a risk because Gambit have not been banning it out and they've been allowing it through in vetos, so they had obviously practised it. The only advantage I gave to G2 was the fact that they had more official experience having played it against FPX, even though it was a close loss.
2021-06-13 04:42
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What is g2's current best map? I see them pick vertigo sometimes but don't see a strong home map where they can beat anyone
2021-06-13 04:44
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Should be Inferno or Dust 2. They look strong there.
2021-06-13 04:46
niko having a gf makes him worse
2021-06-13 04:54
Korea ramza72
That what i say people so hype but actually G2 never win anything again hahaha
2021-06-13 05:39
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