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Frankie | 
Switzerland HansZimmer What the f*ck did I just watch? But it was expected from director Ari Aster. He made things weirder than that.
2021-06-13 09:45
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Its actually good movie
2021-06-13 09:47
great movie, i enjoyed it a lot more than hereditary
2021-06-13 09:48
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Indonesia lumayan
enjoyed both thoooo, great movie!
2021-06-13 09:54
Very good movie for me does not reach the level of Hereditary but it is still very good.
2021-06-13 09:49
African Union jatakk
2021-06-13 09:55
One of the best horror movies of the last years. What a great analogy of how fascism breeds.
2021-06-13 09:58
Another director from (((that community))) that wants to discredit European culture and traditions and paint it in a weird, scary way.
2021-06-13 10:07
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Yes, and thus he shall rule the world!!!!!!!!!
2021-06-13 10:02
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Wait? is Midsommar/Midsommer a real thing?
2021-06-13 10:04
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2021-06-13 10:16
We'll celebrate it 25th of June
2021-06-13 12:13
Czech Republic fnx_legend
2021-06-13 12:16
India spiderCAKE
This was a very disturbing yet entertaining movie. Loved the first half of the movie where everything that happened was being shown from Dani's perspective and I could completely feel what Dani was going through as terrible shit happened around her. That attestupa scene fucked me up.
2021-06-13 10:04
thats Swedish tradition! 25th June this Year, will be fun!
2021-06-13 10:06
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Is everyone invited?
2021-06-13 10:13
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African Union jatakk
2021-06-13 11:24
Norway TheDEA
Can't wait for you to jump off the cliff))
2021-06-13 12:19
It's a good movie overall. It makes me not want to go to sweden though
2021-06-13 10:10
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Wait until you check top countries in the European crime rate statistics
2021-06-13 10:13
i will never forget some of those scenes in that movie
2021-06-13 10:18
Meh movie. I didn't like that they portrayed the boyfriend as a bad guy. And at the end he was punished for cheating even though he was drugged and seduced.
2021-06-13 11:28
Is it a part of MCU? Cause I only watch movies that are a part of MCU.
2021-06-13 11:29
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2021-06-13 14:42
This movie was recommened to me by a brazilian user but i still didn't watch it.
2021-06-13 12:13
white girlboss movie
2021-06-13 12:17
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