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Heroic players not top 10?
Denmark unban_forsaken 
cadian and teses are both insane players, alongside stavn and sjuush consistency and refrezh occasionally looking like the best on the team, while at other times just playing his role. All 5 Heroic players are capable of achieving top 20 like Astralis in 2018, but the team similarly would have to be that dominant throughout the entire year. How many Heroic players do you think are top 20 this year? For me, only teses and cadian deserve spots since teams outside of the top 10 still have insane players like Elige, blameF, mir, el1an.
2021-06-14 05:18
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hunden for sure
2021-06-14 05:20
Idk, they were nowhere near where they are now before on-line.
2021-06-14 05:22
Romania SanitySP
I think the team gives all the resources evenly between the team instead of directing everything towards a star player
2021-06-14 05:22
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This works extremely well for a team like Heroic because they don't have any players that have ever consistently stepped up to be a star, but cadian and teses find themselves shining more than the others, where it is clear that sjuush is focusing more towards supporting the team and even dropping AWPs.
2021-06-14 05:25
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Romania SanitySP
yeah it is what makes heroic so good but not top 10 players
2021-06-14 07:05
Brazil Bactuga
because hltv changes their opinion on top 10 players based on the last match/tournament only and not the entire year
2021-06-14 07:08
Zero since lan is back soon and they are getting rekt by G2 and nip
2021-06-14 07:09
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United States NABOT
even lost to eg omegalul
2021-06-14 07:29
if heroic is the next astralis then rn herioc are danish TSM consistent semi finals with amazing player but not quite enough to get them over the line let them age like a fine wine they will get there major
2021-06-14 07:26
TeSeS def top 15, he the kinda guy who if you have $2700 t side, you buy the friggin lad an ak. Great game sense. Young and still improving. :o
2021-06-14 07:59
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