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how do you cope with life?
Romania romania_has_nice_women 
when everything is rigged -school purposely doesn't teach your certain things to keep you an employee for the maximum amount of time -media is corrupt -the money is rigged -governments are corrupt It is possible to do well and have a great life. I suppose this is a depressive outlook on the reality of life and that if you are a sovereign individual, then you can do amazing. the sheep get absolutely screwed over, but free thinking individuals can excel.
2021-06-14 06:56
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C o p e
2021-06-14 06:58
2021-06-14 06:59
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drugs reduce inhibition and make weak men
2021-06-14 07:00
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Ireland SilkySm00th
Smoke weed and lift heavy weights
2021-06-14 07:02
you seem nihilistic and also are close-minded based on your inability to attempt to understand someone's perspective on how to be a part of actual life. chew on that for a bit
2021-06-14 07:03
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ropz | 
United States Goob
damn why do all of us have to fire back so hard
2021-06-14 07:07
Sounds like a description of an atheist
2021-06-14 09:31
Netherlands toothpaste
Not all of them lol
2021-06-14 07:12
Money is rigged? I aren’t think that with 32k/month (DJ)
2021-06-14 07:00
2021-06-14 07:01
Finland hermion
i dont have to cope
2021-06-14 07:01
lots of ppl do not cope and try to live a lifestyle they cannot afford,pretending to be something they are not-its sad.
2021-06-14 07:08
Netherlands toothpaste
By enjoying it
2021-06-14 07:12
2021-06-14 07:16
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2021-06-14 09:38
Latvia heywire
i treat job as a means to end the goal is starting a company. Media is corrupt i agree and dont care i dont watch the media, and cant do anything against that. Money is agreed in favour of owners capitalist this is why i dont want to be employeed. Governments are corrupt yes who cares no control over that.
2021-06-14 07:17
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2021-06-14 07:29
Chillin with the bros
2021-06-14 07:24
colombian gold
2021-06-14 07:37
2021-06-14 07:47
I enjoy it and see the good parts, mostly ignore the bad ones if you want to focus on the bad parts, go on and enjoy your depression
2021-06-14 09:34
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