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rate these csgo pro plays
curry | 
United Kingdom 4Head4Head4Head 
meet the 'Ountap'. he is a rising star in the faceit scene and the star of GUERNSEY ESPORTS/ Heres his best plays, watch and comment on how godlike he is.
2021-06-14 15:12
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Estonia drac0zGOD
I think he's pretty good!
2021-06-14 15:13
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u think he can make it pro?
2021-06-14 15:25
2021-06-14 15:13
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2021-06-14 15:25 he still got more kills than you HAHAHHA
2021-06-14 15:14
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cmon mens))) why u have to do me like dat
2021-06-14 15:16
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