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Brazil DaringBrazilian lmao. This clown follow up orders from biden to cut nord stream 2. This guy have a mental break down. He will enter in a war with russia because usa. So dumb.
2021-06-14 15:14
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never heard of this guy nord
2021-06-14 15:15
1 question, how lol?
2021-06-14 15:17
Yeah but how can he "fight" against Nord Stream?
2021-06-14 15:19
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I don't know. Russia will decimate urkraine army.
2021-06-14 15:27
That goes through the Baltic Sea right?
2021-06-14 15:35
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2021-06-14 19:03
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what can he do?
2021-06-14 20:11
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Russia Drapery
Dive in stick a knife into it
2021-06-14 20:21
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just political i guess #12
2021-06-14 20:23
2021-06-14 22:11
Brazil Bactuga
Nord Stream seems a terrible enemy
2021-06-14 19:06
he is literally a clown, that was his job before elections
2021-06-14 19:06
How will he fight against it? NS2 isn't anywhere near ukraine. Understandable that he is crying cause ukraine won't get billions in transit fees anymore.
2021-06-14 19:08
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2021-06-14 19:15
Wtf is happening and why is the us involved
2021-06-14 19:09
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I think the US is against the project
2021-06-14 20:13
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Biden’s government represents the will of the people of the USA about as well as Putin’s government represents the will of the Russian people
2021-06-14 20:23
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that is literally impossible lol, that's just how an indirect democracy is...
2021-06-14 20:24
Russia Drapery
Here comes a Ukrainian calling you a fakeflagger
2021-06-14 20:19
Biden wanted him to make that really? Zelensky makes a lot of questionable decisions, I'm not that deep into Ukraines politic scene but I feel like Zelensky isn't the best president.
2021-06-14 20:26
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Just a (((they))) puppet.
2021-06-15 00:17
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he is jewish btw
2021-06-17 11:33
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