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Best games
loli | 
Oceania soz1 
Metro exodus Vampire the masquearade Devil may cry 2 Mafia 1 Golden eye 64
2021-06-17 00:42
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Counter-Strike:Condition Zero Deleted scenes
2021-06-17 00:43
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I have it in my steam acc lol
2021-06-17 00:44
4 replies
Let me guess, the valve bundel ?
2021-06-17 00:59
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yeah exactly and once more, guess when I bought it?
2021-06-17 01:00
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Like everyone, you see it one time and are like “cool” so many games for a couple of bucks!… and then you never play them
2021-06-17 01:20
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Kinda true. I bought it on sale because so many games for a small price. and yeah didnt play it lol but I play css sometimes because of my bad fps in csgo
2021-06-17 01:21
Best games *according to you
2021-06-17 00:43
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
+1 Always a pleasure knowing the personal gaming tastes of another user. :)
2021-06-17 01:12
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+1 my bro whats your favorite game btw?
2021-06-17 01:13
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
That question is impossible for me to answer as I could never choose just one favourite game. :D At the moment, my go to games are:- - Sea of Thieves - Slay the Spire - The Binding of Isaac - Enter the Gungeon - Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - Maneater (Just finished) - I am replaying the original Psychonauts game for Xbox - Grim Dawn - Resident Evil: Village - Kakarot - Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War
2021-06-17 01:18
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I only know 2 of them and never played any of them bro lol btw you said one of your favorite game is cod bo cold war. have you ever played CoD Black ops 1?
2021-06-17 01:23
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yes, and the original mw2
2021-06-17 01:27
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You are not jonty but thats ok taavetti were you playing it on PC or PS (playstation) bro? and if it was ps, what was your prestige?
2021-06-17 01:31
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ps3 played both. i got mw2 into master prestige by some accidental glitch but i was around prestige 2 when that happened. I got lucky with bo1 as there wasn't any glitches turning me into a master prestige, i got into prestige 4 or 5 until i stopped playing it 24/7. You?
2021-06-17 01:33
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bo1 had glitches tho. Idk remember what it was exactly but basicly it was making your lvl instantly 50 so you could prestige up I had 2 accounts one of them was very high but after I moved to turkey from netherlands I couldn't play on that acc anymore.. back then I was 7yo in my current account I don't remember but I'm sure I was like prestige 9-10 I even have 2-3 videos about it on my YT channel one of them is this one : btw I was playing it on ps3 too
2021-06-17 01:39
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ah ok, well i didn't get to exploit one so i didn't know, but nice, prestige 9-10 is very good
2021-06-17 01:40
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I didn't too but my brother did it thats how I know it lol but unfortunately the game is literally destroyed by the cheaters lol I see many max prestige cheaters with no playtime or kd or anything also they are invisible and not dying its so tilting me
2021-06-17 01:56
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Yeah it really sucks playing the bo1 online nowadays, i usually play just the campaign, when i play the game. I like to replay some of the scenes from it
2021-06-17 01:58
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yeah lol I found it years agos clips from theatre mode also my friends who were online more than 2 years ago :(((
2021-06-17 01:59
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I had a few friends too from back then. most haven't been online now for 2-3 years like your buddies. ah, i have still a few minecraft worlds saved in which we played everyday for like 6 hours together
2021-06-17 02:00
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Thats so sad dude really it is :( Me too my bro and I made a video for it you can see it from my profile a thread named "my minecraft story with friends" if interested. have you ever made a friend from net (games) and he became an actual good friend bro? edit: nvm that thread is now gone because of new threads here is the link of the video tho :
2021-06-17 02:20
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If actual is the same as seeing in real life then no, but one guy from net was so nice and good i literally one time just shut the door without saying anything when one of my friends were asking me to play outside :DD I miss that guy sometimes :(
2021-06-17 02:21
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Yeah same I didn't met with any of my online friends. Lol bro haha hope you didn't broke his heart tho :( When you think about it, it makes you sad. There is a sentence I really like about this topic. "The best friends who you made your memories with, has become a memory." so sad mens but true :(
2021-06-17 02:49
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The sentence really is true and it hurts. "you didn't realise you were making memories, you were just having fun" is also a happy sentence that really gets me down. Hope you will find your bro sometime :) i really hope so...
2021-06-17 02:51
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True brother so true. Also there is one "One day we will place our last block in Minecraft and never know it" this also makes me sad :( Thank you my bro I hope you'll find him too maybe in a different game who knows :(
2021-06-17 02:54
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He changed to pc is my guess, i never got to know what games he played or what was his nickname on any game, i tried the one he had on ps3 on a lot of games but it wouldn't work..
2021-06-17 02:56
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Maybe he tries to find you too my brother... :((
2021-06-17 03:00
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heh :)
2021-06-17 03:00
That's a huge and nice world, you probably had a lot of fun with Aegeus :)
2021-06-17 02:23
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Thank you my bro.<3 Actually it was Efe and Aegeus but Efe wasn't joining much because he gets bored of singleplayer very quickly so mostly I played with Aegeus. In fact we 3 still play Minecraft :D but we play Multiplayer. Build battle, splegg, TNT Tag etc.
2021-06-17 02:52
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That's nice... i never had a chance to play with my old friends from ps3... :( There's this one friend who logged on a year ago just to say hi and when i tried to ask if he'd had a pc or something, it was too late. He hasn't seen that message to this day...
2021-06-17 02:55
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I really don't know what to say because its just so sad I mean.. I don't know bro:( I hope he will login and see your message bro :(((((((((((
2021-06-17 02:59
2 replies
Thanks bro, you are a kind stranger.. i hope we'll meet in another thread sometime
2021-06-17 03:00
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so you are my bro... I hope so too <3
2021-06-17 10:56
damn, you were talented
2021-06-17 01:42
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Thank you bro. I was playing like a nolifer and BO1 was one of the first games I ever met to play.
2021-06-17 01:55
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haha :D
2021-06-17 01:58
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
I didn't play it nearly enough as you did but yes, I've played all of the CoD games. ^^ The one I spent the most time on was MW2.
2021-06-17 11:07
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I was a nolifer mensss playing 7/24 haha I only had CoD MW1 from MW series but from all of the COD games the one I most liked is CoD Bo1.. its campaign, shooting, gameplay, zombies etc. are just soo good. even better than black ops 3 but this is my opinion ofc
2021-06-17 11:12
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United Kingdom Jonty04l32
BO's 1 campaign was really good, I agree. :)
2021-06-17 11:31
Liberia rationale
HoMM 3 forever. Too bad most kids here were yet to be born when it was released.
2021-06-17 00:45
dark souls
2021-06-17 00:45
Argentina SantiMedia
2021-06-17 01:11
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Argentina SantiMedia
2021-06-17 01:11
2021-06-17 01:11
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
You named some classics here, friend. :D
2021-06-17 01:12
2021-06-17 01:19
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2021-06-17 01:50
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2021-06-17 02:06
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explain why
2021-06-17 11:41
1 reply
I like the gameplay, the fact that I don't get a lot of hackers and in the cradle stage (before meta is developed), already quite interesting. Looking forward to some legendary gameplays (Astralis-esque in CSGO)
2021-06-17 12:05
Hell Let Loose Half Life 1 mods TFC, DoD
2021-06-17 01:31
homm 3
2021-06-17 01:49
Hoi4, chillest Grand strategy game
2021-06-17 01:50
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I like that game too although I never played it
2021-06-17 11:13
Russia Berkury
2021-06-17 01:54
Super Mario Bros. 3
2021-06-17 02:10
Canada DeFeCtO_
2021-06-17 03:03
i am | 
Europe Tier1
bloodborne dark souls sekiro witcher 3 prototype 1, 2 mafia 1,2 skate 3
2021-06-17 03:26
Brazil MarceloGJ
Halo 3
2021-06-17 03:35
Cs 1.6 Dying Light The Line(for its story) Red Alert 2
2021-06-17 11:52
csgo nomansky euro truck sim 2 bf3 hardcore servers gta5 red dead redemption 2 Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.2 escape from tarkov diablo 2
2021-06-17 12:10
Gothic, Gothic 2
2021-06-17 12:11
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