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Denmark 4vs0 
idk if anyone else has noticed, but why does it seem like in 95% of situations where t is saving and there is only like 3-8 seconds left on the time the ct just kills anyways, why dont ct's hide/not kill until after time, especially in many situations where the ct shoots the t in the back, like he could just hide for an extra 2 seconds or trigger discipline
2021-06-17 18:35
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2021-06-17 18:35
Switzerland Laytenek
flair check
2021-06-17 18:36
Because they panic and click mouse1 without thinking, because they are so afraid of losing.
2021-06-17 18:40
Italy I_like_csgo
Often pros dont play situations perfectly, but also often players will value the safe kill higher than waiting and potentially fucking something up
2021-06-17 18:41
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