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after finishing my lvl 1 ds 3 run i need a new challenge. no casual games like witcher 3. i don't want to die from boredom. i need suggestions which are worthy for a god gamer like me.
2021-06-17 22:08
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France Trive
ds3 lvl 1 :soy:
2021-06-17 22:09
story games or multiplayer?
2021-06-17 22:09
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2021-06-17 22:09
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I liked all gtas and rdr2
2021-06-17 22:10
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2021-06-17 22:11
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Its not if you do challanges like Darkviperau But i can suggest ghostrunner its not a casual game
2021-06-17 22:12
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Portugal RMOC
darkviperau ? I see you're a man of culture as well
2021-06-17 22:36
portal 2
2021-06-17 22:17
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boring, actually one of the most overrated games i've played in my life. people just suck valve's dick too much.
2021-06-17 22:17
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i hate valve but portal 2 is so much fun imagine wanting suggestions but saying everything is boring
2021-06-17 22:18
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very tedious game bro....
2021-06-17 22:19
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go play pokemon or smth then
2021-06-17 22:19
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i'll play sekiro again then.....
2021-06-17 22:20
Tedious if you have low iq lol
2021-06-17 22:35
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easy game, if you think that this game is a challenge then you have low iq.
2021-06-17 22:36
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Who said anything about portal2 being hard? It was easy and not tedious for me proving i have higher iq than you crying about the game being tedious lol. You breeze through the levels without encountering anything tedious if ur like me lel
2021-06-17 22:40
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do you know what tedious means?
2021-06-17 22:41
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The game was too long, slow or dull for you. This is because ur iq is too low. Speedrun record of the game is below 1 hour lol imagine thinking that kind of game is tedious. Plus ur penis is probably rly smoll trying to prove yourself so bad on a forum lel
2021-06-17 22:48
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for me a tedious game is when you do the same boring, basic shit. repetition followed by repetition. just shoot walls to create paths. after 1h this shit bored the crap out of me. it has 1 simple game mechanic and that is everything this game offers.
2021-06-17 23:10
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Asks me what tedious means. Is presented with the exact definitionand valid arguments why the game is not. Proceedes to claim a “personal definition” of the word. LOL selfdestruct much? If u think making portals is the only mechanic then u prob took that hour u talk about to only get to a about the 2nd difficulty incline, again proving ur extremely low iq and smoll penis hahahaha holy shit imagine trying to act as tough as u in this thread and then getting destroyed this bad lol pls give up already everybody’s laughing dude hHahahahaha
2021-06-17 23:21
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i finished the game, i can think prove it with steam achievements, yes there are some other boring additions like the rubber that makes you jump adding vertical movements, but that's it. boring game which shouldn't be longer than 2-3 hours for a first playthrough.
2021-06-18 08:31
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Yea u either have alzheimer or didnt finish the game if that’s all the mechenics u encountered. If u had high iq like me u wouldve breezed through it in a couple of hours having fun solving the different and varying puzzzles quickly. U also contradict urself by now admitting there’s more than just portals. Also #36 isnt mad he’s just pointing out ur insecurity rooted behaviour like i did and explaining to you why u are wrong lol. Ps. Not responding to my accusation about ur small penis rly funny
2021-06-18 09:28
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first playthrough average is about 5-6 hours. yeah, i can say, too that i finished it in 2h. it's a boring game for nerds like every puzzle game. no skill required. i don't solve puzzles irl, because i'm not a nerd who finds that entertaining and so i don't like them in games, too. boring nerdy games. why should i answer to your "small penis comments". it's the equivalent of "your mom". just a weak, dumb attack.
2021-06-18 09:32
So u dont like puzzle games cause ur not a nerd but u spent over 2 hours of ur amazing life playing the most obvious puzzle game in the world. Because it’s the second itteration of the gsme this is especially dumb and makes ur reasoning even more broken. Imagine not liking puzzles and then playing portal2 u must have been bored af already to do that lol. Very sus arguments piling up in every one of ur replies. Seems like ur lying to save ur ass and now ur arguments become entangled cause ur too low iq to keep ur fake stories straight. Exposed af and still smoll penis lol i actually gave valid arugments as to why ur penis is smoll as opposed to empty “ur mom” jokes so even that analogy of urs is flawed. What a complete debacle this had become for you lol
2021-06-18 11:45
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the only reason i played portal 2 is because it was highly praised in steam reviews. i do play a lot of games that belong to genres that i generally don't like just because they get praised a lot. if a game gets like 10k reviews, i know it's a niche game and i won't bother with it, but if a game gets 80k reviews on steam, i assume that even players who usually don't play this genre liked the game, too. i played rdr 2, too even though i hate games that have clunky gameplay. i started it, because of it's popularity and i enjoyed it. the gameplay was shit, but the story and the characters balanced it out and in the end it was a decent experience. if portal 2 was made by a smaller less known studio and not valve, this game would have been dead from the start and nobody would have been talking about.
2021-06-18 11:46
Are u now trying to roast urself? U just said EVERY puzzle game is for nerds and ur not a nerd. That defeats ur whole point about playing games outside ur fav genres lol. Plus puzzle games are a very specific genre that ull like or not. Unlike rdr2 that has many trancending and overlapping aspects, totally different story lol. Plus kinda sus for someone who is not a nerd to play so many games that dont fit ur preference to try them out anyway. Seems to me that means u game so much u need to step outside of ur likely picks just to keep urself entertained, making u a huge nerd lol. PLUS deciding to play a game that has very clear descriptions that tell u all about what u do in the game, based on fucking steam reviews is as low iq as ive heard in a while. Imagine thinking ur smart but then playing a game that is very clearly not ur cup of tea, bc u think if there’s many good reviews then ppl like u who dont like puzzles gave many of those reviews. LOL all ur arguments are terrible
2021-06-18 11:53
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you can dislike a genre, but like a game of that genre. it's like with music. there are songs that you like from genres that you don't listen to. pretty low iq take from you. now stfu.
2021-06-18 13:18
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hahahahha that’s the weakest reply from you yet and that says a lot lol. You ignored many of my points and are now resorting to just having the last word in this discussion cause ur ego cant cope otherwise hahaha i knew this all along cause of my iq being way higher than yours. It’s so obvious. You ignored like 3 of my last points just to give a reply again. If u say thousants of reviews u didnt but on release obviously so it was ez to know exactly if u would like this game and u still wasted ur time. Ur a huge low iq nerd that plays hundreds of video games, some that u dont like at all and could find that out beforehand. Plus ur on hltv talking mad shit and losing arguments all over the place. Ive never talked to a bigger low iq nerd lol. Telling me to stfu put a huge stamp on ur state of mind about this discussion (lost it bad but cant handle the truth). Amazing W for me the high iq nerd that loves to destroy cocky idiots like urself. Have a nice day and good for u replying to this again and therefor at least having the last (retarded) word. Salut!
2021-06-18 13:58
call the game whatever, but there are plenty of community maps with variety that im sure could give you a challenge as you force your brains out to strategize an exit through lots of complications. the portal mechanics really do allow for a tough experience when implemented right in an environment, and the community does a decent job at that. if it's more of a mechanical challenge you're looking for, eh. may i recommend going outside and stretching to your toes? that's always worth an applause, considering you've gone through days of non-stop serious sigma chad gaming sessions on dark souls 69 and boasting abt how epic of a singleplayer gamer you are ON FRICKIN HLTV and shittalk abt casual games because they're "fun". make it to your toes and you'll have my sincere admiration fr
2021-06-17 22:49
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you seem mad bro. was your last dark souls experience too painful?
2021-06-17 23:11
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so you really can't make it to your toes.... it seems your ego's on the way ;o
2021-06-18 22:38
2021-06-17 22:24
cod modern warfare series?
2021-06-17 22:24
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2021-06-17 22:33
9 replies
what? mw, 2 and 3 goated on veteran they're all hard
2021-06-17 22:40
dude if veteran is easy for you then you are not a human
2021-06-17 23:13
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i have never played cod titles campaign, but i was faceit lvl 10 in the past so i guess i could manage it.
2021-06-17 23:14
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you're missing so much
2021-06-17 23:15
imagine comparing call of duty and csgo in terms of how easy the games are lol
2021-06-18 00:07
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i have decent aim, that should do the trick.
2021-06-18 08:10
Brunei Venicious
You actually finished that on veteran???
2021-06-18 00:14
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no, ofc not
2021-06-18 01:25
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Brunei Venicious
I cant remember what i played it on, but i loved it at that time. But yea im pretty sure veteran is near imposible lol
2021-06-18 10:32
Switzerland Laytenek
"i need suggestions which are worthy for a god gamer like me." Probably fortnite
2021-06-17 22:09
Try to play quake champions its shit compared to older ones but prolly too hard for you anyways.
2021-06-17 22:11
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there is no game that is too hard for me.
2021-06-17 22:13
loop hero
2021-06-17 22:13
Austria Ostmark
play super mario bros 2
2021-06-17 22:19
Ok Play guitar Go learn soothsayer by buckethead
2021-06-17 22:20
France Vipair
2021-06-17 22:22
Sweden AFCHannes
try play the game called life.
2021-06-17 22:29
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flair checks out
2021-06-18 11:49
Valorant go to pro
2021-06-17 22:32
2021-06-17 22:34
Portugal RMOC
Pokemon GO, maybe you can leave your house
2021-06-17 22:37
Ukraine Skymachine
ds 3 = challenge hahahahhahahh omegalul 0/8 bait
2021-06-17 22:51
2021-06-17 23:25
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Boring, I finished it thrice already
2021-06-18 10:48
2021-06-17 23:27
what kinda games u like
2021-06-17 23:38
2021-06-18 00:05
Croatia the_zlatk0
day of defeat source
2021-06-18 00:10
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
You tried this thread before to no avail. Every suggestion made you panned and refused to play it all the while stroking your ego.
2021-06-18 01:28
2 replies
that's a long title for a game.
2021-06-18 08:11
Damn Jonty, shots fired
2021-06-18 08:12
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on hardest difficulty, underleveled. I promise you.
2021-06-18 08:14
4 replies
i did start on the hardest difficulty, but then realized that enemies become damage sponges and the game doesn't become any harder, but longer. and underleveled is just a bad bait. this game becomes really tedious even if you are 2-3 levels under the enemy. lvl-gating the player to make them use micro-transactions..
2021-06-18 08:35
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I know, i nearly got burned out grom the game but eventually i did it. It wasn’t fun in any way but it was a challenge. You take much more damage per hit and the enemies less.
2021-06-18 10:47
Serbia Aco_
ac Odyssey is the biggest shit of an ac game ever, its not even an ac game
2021-06-18 10:39
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But it is pretty fun.
2021-06-18 10:47
Serbia Aco_
Ac unity
2021-06-18 10:39
United States bennjayx6
saints row 2
2021-06-18 10:41
Europe myrside
other souls series, or other games fromsoftware
2021-06-18 10:49
2021-06-18 11:55
RLCraft on Shivaxi's hardcore settings
2021-06-18 11:59
Spelunky 1 or 2, or maybe Hollow Knight?
2021-06-18 12:01
maybe try some real life
2021-06-18 13:26
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