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Poland vs Spain EURO2020
Poland Aydenowskyy 
GOAAAL ROBERT LEWANGOAL.. wait hold on, Poland gonna get fisted by Spain today and all they've got left are chances to get out of group from 3rd place, let's go back to reality
2021-06-19 16:17
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Poland will destroy Spain 2:0 bookmark this post
2021-06-19 16:18
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-1 but bookmarked
2021-06-19 16:18
2-0 fur Poland 2x Lewandowski
2021-06-19 16:18
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2021-06-19 16:19
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anyway, easy for Rupert
2021-06-19 16:24
we don't have chance if they lose vs spain
2021-06-19 16:20
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They do, they can make it out from 3rd place IF they win against Sweden and Slovakia do not win anything
2021-06-19 16:20
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Poland blankkoo
this doesnt make any sense... if your scenario will happen, than both poland and slovakia will have 3 points, but slovakia has won against poland in face off match so they will be in the 3rd place, not poland
2021-06-19 16:33
u wont go out of groups if u loose any match from now on cuz slovakia won with u man, u need draw and win i think
2021-06-19 16:19
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2021-06-19 16:20
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so u can say goodbye XD
2021-06-19 16:20
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so i dont care about footbal in 2021
2021-06-19 18:56
Italy NotNew
Morata will show Lewandowski how it's done
2021-06-19 16:21
2-0 Poland Goals: Lewandowski, Jan Blachowicz
2021-06-19 16:30
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2021-06-19 19:03
0-0 and a missed penalty by both teams
2021-06-19 16:31
You both should have your best players in but it's not the case so it'll be a draw
2021-06-19 16:32
Poland X - Spain 0 with a million misses by Morata.
2021-06-19 18:57
Poland ethereal0
what do you guys mean, poland has no chance winning here i watched last 3 games and i stopped believing, but i hope im wrong
2021-06-19 19:00
Poland wins 1-0 goal: Kuba Wojewodzki
2021-06-19 19:04
Poland Pewen
easy 3-0 for poland and lewa hat trick
2021-06-19 19:05
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