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RMR, Valve hello ?
Japan Peine 
There's not space for RMR events, so Blast and ESL will probably turn one of their event as a RMR. July 06 - July 18th = IEM Cologne July 19th - Aug 15th = Players break Aug 16th - Sep 12th = EPL 14 Sep 16th - Sep 26th = Blast Premier Fall Sep 28th - Oct 10th = IEM Fall 2021 (probably will turn into rmr) Oct 12th - Oct 17th = Blast Showdown And 5 days later Oct 23th - Nov 7th = PGL Major
2021-06-20 04:19
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ESL relegated to hosting NA rmr
2021-06-20 04:20
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Japan Peine
More like NA teams will have to skip a big event to play their t3 NA RMR
2021-06-20 04:22
Who cars rmr
2021-06-20 04:29
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