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FaZe at spring sweet spring 3?
Bulgaria Bulgarian_Fan 
What is the possibility of it?
2021-06-20 06:10
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0. Probably think playing in small tournaments is beneath them.
2021-06-20 06:15
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But playing in big tournaments is above them So… disband…?
2021-06-20 06:52
Probs a high % chance
2021-06-20 06:15
The members of the team would never play it cuz they are elite players but I think it would be great to build confidence and get practice
2021-06-20 06:19
Faze do not play tournies with lower ranked teams because they are afraid they are gonna loose. They play in only these big tournaments once every 1-2 month to show their fans that they are still doing well but the opponents are top teams. Still improving give us time..xdd
2021-06-20 06:23
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they have ptsd after fighting sprout
2021-06-20 06:46
Even if they do they wont win the tournament 100%. Probably lost in the first match of playoff stage
2021-06-20 06:25
United States NABOT
2021-06-20 06:48
Karrigan said after they were out of blast that Faze are gonna start playing some tier 2 events to polish their basics. So it's very likely that they play in spring sweet spring.
2021-06-20 06:50
ropz | 
Finland kurtits
would make sense since theyre a below average t2 team
2021-06-20 06:51
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