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France RPKbestigl 
which team will dominate CSGO when LAN is back? you think teams like faze become strong again or will CIS continue domination
2021-06-20 09:51
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faze wont even win a single match lmao
2021-06-20 09:52
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faze will disband before LANS comeback
2021-06-20 09:57
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nt, but they will not disband 100%
2021-06-20 11:05
They won’t even make it past cologne play-in lol
2021-06-20 10:01
2021-06-20 10:54
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Pakistan Retardino
2021-06-20 10:59
cry is free
2021-06-20 09:53
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who crying?
2021-06-20 11:02
Tbh someone like navi if they continue their form from Last run if it wasnt fluke and those teams with great IGLs like fallen karrigan glaive if they find great awper and Maybe even vitality with g2 would profit from Lan imo
2021-06-20 09:53
CIS teams will be weaker but FaZe will still stay on tier3
2021-06-20 09:54
Faze LOL I am just looking forward to see how Gambit, Heroic, VP and BIG do considering most of their rise has been online
2021-06-20 09:56
India sahil32
gambot's back to tier 3 that's for sure
2021-06-20 09:55
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2021-06-20 11:02
I think at first, everything will be same nearly because even experienced teams will feel different when LAN comes. I think the difference will appear after 3rd, 4th t1 LAN tournament. NaVi will be good, G2 will be good.
2021-06-20 09:58
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2021-06-20 10:00
B1T | 
Ukraine devitt
Gambit will remain #1 on LAN
2021-06-20 09:59
old ence
2021-06-20 09:59
It will be still up for grabs in the beginning, but when teams like astralis navi, liquid get into their natural habitat yet again, teams like gambit or heroic will dowgrade
2021-06-20 10:00
People don't understand that the biggest difference between LAN and online CS was the crowd. You have to remember that all teams have been playing the same style of online CS for more than a year which means everyone needs to get used to LAN latency. It probably means that teams cannot dry peek as easily but that doesn't stop the "onliner" teams to adapting. I expect no drastic changes when it comes to LAN if it's in a studio environment. Maybe the usual fluctuations which we see on both LAN and online CS. TL;DR - no crowd, no pressure, no changes.
2021-06-20 10:04
2021-06-20 10:16
imo navi will be slightly more consistent, g2 will be better. faze with this lineup wont be much better, imo they will be more or less the same... gambit? hard to say. they are young team that is grinding a lot and it finally paid off this year. they will probably drop a bit bcs of their experience on the big stage but they will be imo just fine. contender for semifinals/finals in big events
2021-06-20 10:53
2021-06-20 10:55
Pakistan Retardino
If its studio lan then gambit will keep dominating but if its an actual audience lan then i think they'll struggle for a few tournaments
2021-06-20 11:00
g2 no cap, before this covid shit they were good
2021-06-20 11:15
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