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Italy MostObjectiveHltvUser 
another 4-5v2 situation lost? how is even that possible, that happened so many times, hearthbreaking to watch, literally
2021-06-20 20:41
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also loosing 3v3s
2021-06-20 20:42
And Gambit will punish that 10 times harder than G2. Navi is gonna get 2-0ed easily, I have a gut feeling.
2021-06-20 20:42
They don't have any time to prepare to final So result is pretty obvious
2021-06-20 20:51
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what? its fucking gambit
2021-06-20 20:52
That's how they won last Blast lol
2021-06-20 20:52
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Yeah but that was vs Astralis Gambit is 10x times better
2021-06-20 20:53
Gambit is not g2, they are and will get punished
2021-06-20 20:51
Super third class and utter trash game play. Giving that much respect to gambit for what reason? Brain dead or what?
2021-06-20 20:52
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+1, they are too scared
2021-06-20 20:53
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Gambit cannot eat 4 in a second post plant when they are 2 alive.. Silvers will just run over them.. Fucking idiots
2021-06-20 20:59
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they have to play like they played at dreamhack, just like vs another team, just a bit better preparation
2021-06-20 21:00
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Yeah.. Giving too much respect sometimes is just utter stupid
2021-06-20 21:13
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they have to be carefully but not afraid
2021-06-20 21:14
grow up plastic fan, wake up and realise who navi are playing against
2021-06-20 20:54
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