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Gambit 4 top 20 players?
Kazakhstan lack1 
Imo Axile, hobbit, shiro and naffany will all be top 20, where will they rank though?
2021-06-21 04:03
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if u dont have 5 top 5 players ur team is utter dogshit
2021-06-21 04:05
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2021-06-21 04:09
OK | 
Albania maidz4
if gambit continue as they are now the top 5 could look something like 1. s1mple/zywoo 2.s1mple/zywoo 3. sh1ro 4. ax1le/hobbit 5. ax1le/hobbit yes yes i know sh1ro terrible baiter and ax1le better blah blah but hltv cares more about rating and sh1ro's is higher.
2021-06-21 04:11
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Russia AliasNamer
zywoo for what?
2021-06-21 04:12
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for still being amazing with a so much worse team.
2021-06-21 04:16
OK | 
Albania maidz4
because he is one of the best players in the world and he still has a way higher rating than anyone else besides s1mple? also his team is getting a lot better and will probably have some good achivements before the year ends?
2021-06-21 04:18
zywoo is better than s1mple statistically for these past 3 months
2021-06-21 15:18
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and? rating is nothing, he did save all time, he did not win big tournament. I think Zywoo is not top1-3 in the 2021
2021-06-21 15:24
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2021-06-21 15:38
back when simple won nothing and vita was on top you said it is just about rating lol
2021-06-21 15:43
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2021-06-22 05:27
When s1mple won nothing , - Navi was 2nd in, s1mple never go save for stats every round like Zywoo.
2021-06-22 13:35
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s1mple has always had lower dpr than ZywOo
2021-06-22 13:42
"simple never go save for stats every round like zywoo" lmao worst bait ever simple 2020 was the biggest saver and exit fragger i have ever seen
2021-06-22 16:52
Funny how people were saying that it's only about stats and individual performance when s1mple was in the same position...
2021-06-22 06:04
you could say the same thing about 2018 simple
2021-06-22 06:12
Austria arngnr
if you say ZywOo constantly saves, let me tell you s1mple got about 30 eco frags in the past 2 series :) (And his rating was still mediocre)
2021-06-22 13:46
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s1mple play in the Final, Zywhere?
2021-06-22 15:28
Portugal joaosenra
If S1mple keeps getting worst like in this month and if ZywOo doesnt keep getting better like in this last month sh1ro if we wins more 2 or 3 mvps he can be top 1 this year ... if the ratings between the 3 gets closer then mvp and team achievments take the place like ZywOo in 2020, with more mvps even 0.01 worst he won there lefts a lot to the end of the year so any of those 3 can win .... Ax1le 100% 4 place no one can take that from him and if he getts even beter maybe can enter in top 3 if sh1ro slows down
2021-06-21 04:18
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OK | 
Albania maidz4
s1mple seems to be getting more and more inconsistent since like late 2020 and his rating for the past month is a lot lower than normal. its possible that s1mple could not be top 1 even though he has a pretty big lead rn. i do think its probably more likely that zywoo gets it as sh1ro just seems to get a very consistent 1,25 kinda like dev1ce, and i dont really see it changing. but for that to happen vitality need to do really good as a team for the rest of the year and win probably atleast two tournaments which would be really hard
2021-06-21 04:23
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Portugal joaosenra
Agree, S1mple always start on fire and then goes down, ZywOo its the oposite but more because of is team its always changing something or goes for something when the year starts and that hurts ZywOo performance. I think sh1ro can be the next device he looks very consistent but lest see, Ax1le its very young alwell i realy like is shooting the guy is really good and looks like a chill guy like ZywOo always smile and chill kkkk
2021-06-21 15:16
Portugal joaosenra
Sh1ro if he gets 1.27 maybe 1.28 rating and more mvps e can be top 1 this year, s1mple hes falling down this last month, but ZywOo is getting better on rating aswell so the top 3 its going to be in between those 3. And them 4 place is going to be 100% AX1le maybe top 3, Hobbit can fight for 5 place
2021-06-21 04:13
they are the 2nd team after astralis which could succeed it edtied: actually, after a quick research i knew that there totally 5 teams who did it , like almost every 1-2 years,it made me feel like an idiot, but no1 of did not make it full team being in the top20 btw
2021-06-21 04:37
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Bruh Sk did it twice (everyone except taco)
2021-06-21 04:31
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fuk , my bad
2021-06-21 04:31
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Holy that was a quick reply wtf
2021-06-21 04:32
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yeah , urs 2
2021-06-21 04:32
and i also figured out that navi also did it in 2010 and nip in 2013, fuk im kinda embarassed
2021-06-21 04:34
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fnatic 2015 too
2021-06-21 05:00
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2021-06-21 08:35
okay , im x2 idiot coz i ve cheked and astralis did it in 2018, fuk
2021-06-21 04:39
Astralis had all 5 players in top20. The only team to ever do that. I believe Xyp9x was 13 or 14, and everyone else was in the top10
2021-06-21 15:26
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2021-06-22 05:25
Ax1le > Zwyoo this year accept the fact you nerds
2021-06-21 15:40
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Austria arngnr
lol cringe
2021-06-22 13:46
United States Bhu_Tang
nafany I don't think has good enough stats to break into the top 20 atm with only a 1.06 in 2021 so far (although xyp9x made it in with a 1.09 in 2017)
2021-06-21 15:41
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I think more it’s for his leadership and igl work He has huge games too
2021-07-01 18:47
3 tops
2021-06-22 05:34
sh1ro top 3 Hobbit top 4 Ax1Le top 5 for now and nafany MIGHT be top 20/19 if he gets +1.12 rating during the rest of the year imo
2021-06-22 05:42
i don't see nafany being top 20, even though I rate him very highly. amazing IGL and extremely solid player, but his rating isn't high enough, he plays for his team very much
2021-06-22 05:51
Pakistan LoOuU2
Doubt about Nafany, but rest of the three will surely be. Probably 2 of them in the top 5 and the third at maybe 6th or 7th
2021-06-22 13:43
nafany could get #20 and i hope to see him there instead of someone who did absolutely nothing but has a 1.10 rating like for example yuurih. plus nafany has 1.18 impact rating he is so crucial for gambit's success
2021-06-22 13:56
there are like 30 players with higher rating than nafany so i dont think so with him
2021-06-22 13:59
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