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Save NA CS
France Haibara 
Both NIP and Bad News Bears tweeted about saving NA CS just now. As a smart user with ideas, I've thought of several ways that NA CS can be saved. The number one way is to bring players back from Valorant, with daps as a prime example of that being the case of a successful transition. From what I've heard , floppy and Xeppaa doesn't really enjoy playing Valorant, especially floppy who has privately expressed how much he misses CS to his friends. In the mean time, Extra Salt Sonic is on the bench right now (for whatever personal reason he has to deal with, this is confirmed if you check match page on HLTV), this would be a perfect time to integrate floppy back to Extra Salt and let him replace Sonic for the time being until new things can be worked out. This might be minimal but one step at a time. Second, we need to get back some of the greatest minds of CSGO and some of the most legendary players that touched the game. Yep that's right, time to unban iBuyPower. Imagine having azk, swag, steel, and dazed back to form a team that can compete at majors, especially steel, who I know still has a love for this game, and the only reason he left chaos was because he was not allowed to play at majors. That's the only reason he gave up his dream, similar to Jamppi's case. Last but not least, I think it is smart for NA orgs to employ EU players to help boost the region. For example, complexity did a good job of integrating more and more EU players to their NA roster, bringing in konfig blameF poizon to replace dephh sick shahzam. Also, EG is starting to do the same thing by signing MICHU, and obviously Cerq still remains on the roster. EG definitely got better with these players since they did defeat Heroic in IEM summer not so long ago.
2021-06-22 17:21
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Denmark pebblez
2021-06-22 17:21
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+1 (Also buy BNB merch, I will be buying some)
2021-06-23 21:10
United States Rayduh
I just want orgs to sign and pay their players. Maybe Envy sign Bad News Bears?
2021-06-22 17:24
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Canada KappaTieSey
are bad news bears not already getting paid?
2021-06-22 17:27
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United States Rayduh
No, no one is paying them. Only money they get is prize money
2021-06-23 01:53
no they don't have an org
2021-06-23 02:06
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oh yeah thats true. Still impressive that they were almost a top 30 team once without having an org.
2021-06-23 03:55
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2021-06-23 04:20
envy will not be smart enough to sign bnb, they always sign dumbass team lol
2021-06-23 02:19
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unfortunately true
2021-06-23 04:20
United States onpluto
i dint know if the iBP players would come bsck if unbanned. maybe steel, but the rest are washed. i hope if slowly more NA pros start switching back then there will be a mass exodus from valorant back to cs
2021-06-22 17:25
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I think everyone knows if brax and steel weren’t banned they would be playing CS rn
2021-06-23 05:07
only way to save it is get more orgs
2021-06-22 17:26
Disband region asap
2021-06-22 17:28
United States notawaffle
valve should not unban iBP, they are doing the right thing in showing that matchfixing is not tolerated and complexity did not save na cs, they just full out transitioned to a european team, if they really cared about na cs they wouldve kept their old roster which was actually pretty decent
2021-06-22 17:28
Syria icarnothing
2021-06-22 17:31
save NA cs
2021-06-22 17:34
stop reading at "as a smart blablabla..."
2021-06-22 17:36
Save from what? American just doens't know how to lose. They will create their owns sports.
2021-06-23 01:57
Canada Unravel
NA orgs need to support CS, no one in North America will commit to a career as a CS player if there's no money to be made. People need to eat and pay rent
2021-06-23 01:58
No thx
2021-06-23 01:59
North America kw13
Sonic is not benched he just missed one game
2021-06-23 02:06
you can't save something that is already dead
2021-06-23 02:09
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Sweden flippig
what is dead may never die
2021-06-23 02:12
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🤔🤔🤔🤔 that's something to think
2021-06-23 02:14
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Sweden flippig
xD it was from game of thrones lol
2021-06-23 02:14
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+1 I am surprised someone did not watch got kkkkkkkk
2021-06-23 04:25
Argentina cheapdeed
NIP carrying every cs scene
2021-06-23 02:13
United States BGS
I'm not really seeing a whole lot of fixes here honestly. Would love to see Xep and Floppy back but those are just 2 guys.. maybe Steel can come back to form.. 3. Brax has continued to do nothing since his ban. I don't think the players are an issue in N/A as much as it is to do with the support players get. Having a team like BnB not be a part of an organization should speak volumes.
2021-06-23 02:22
Save NA CS unbanning players banned for matchfixing? lmao sure
2021-06-23 02:16
dont worry, daps fix eg
2021-06-23 03:38
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France Haibara
2021-06-23 19:44
Australia poppyxox
Only way people would come back is if there was an economically viable incentive, and right now NA does not have any orgs or tournaments pushing for competition and growth, which is mainly due to the fact a lot of people have lost interest. Without the fans, you've got no market. NA super impressionable, they only care about the hype and obviously the money that comes with it in the case of pros and streamers going to valorant. Until organisations and esports companies are willing to invest in CS again, NA will not change. Though this will probably only happen once covid has truly died down globally and valorant loses the hype (if it does in the next few years that is, any longer and somehow I think there's no coming back unless csgo can pull a miracle unlike any of the other games it has overcome in the past) But valorant is easy csgo, and NA sucks, so yeah good luck bringing them back
2021-06-23 04:01
You can't save it when the player base is so small, it will never get better unless Valve takes steps to increase the player base. Even then it'll take years before we see any improvement.
2021-06-23 04:25
United States B0b3rT
We need orgs man feelsbad
2021-06-23 04:33
North America joeS
Your dream to save NA CS doesn't start in the pro scene. It actually has very little to do with it at all. People watch pro games when they enjoy the game they play, no other way around it. CS:GO right now is unplayable out the box. Right now, you need to download faceit, esea, or gamersclub to play the game with less cheaters. But, you don't learn how to play CS on faceit. <<<<< Thats a Big problem. New Players are turned off by the game immediately most of the time. Valve needs to fix the base game experience for the game to become popular again in NA. Right now, Valorant solves a lot of issues Valve won't do. Anti Cheat, Higher Tick, Actual community interaction, releasing constant fresh content.
2021-06-23 04:36
The mindset in NA needed to change. Players carried more about money than winning in NA. A lot of NA pros streamed a lot and failed to produce results. The upside is most of the players who followed this switched to Valorant. The players who stayed are the ones who have truly dedicated themselves. I think NA CS isn’t dead but in a rocky state. When LANs return I think things will start to fix itself.
2021-06-23 04:37
Idk they really don't have that much talent, maybe bring in some fresh blood along with some vets would be better.
2021-06-23 04:43
NAF | 
Canada Dubsyy
swag quit pro cs
2021-06-23 04:47
you cant simply save NA cs, its not that simple, csgo didnt care about valorant and now orgs are foccusing on Riot because they are more supportive and apparently lucrative
2021-06-23 04:53
Wow this is really romantic. I like the idea a lot
2021-06-23 05:00
Palestine 3BooD
When LANs come back more NA orgs will come back they said that like Cloud9 Envy and GenG
2021-06-23 05:03
Like floppy will leave VALORANT to go back to CSGO and play on ES lol. Sonic isn't benched anyway. I also support saving NA CS but your takes are ridiculously stupid lol
2021-06-23 05:13
Finland Doto_top1
every ex-csgo players who moved to valorant (not washed up players) will come back to cs when LANs coming back.
2021-06-23 07:29
didn't read but elige will save na cs in cologne
2021-06-23 07:40
tarik xD
2021-06-23 07:40
the more top 20 teams in NA the better the region stays so it can come timer BR,EU,CIS. USA loves you
2021-06-23 20:00
They want you to buy merch...because they don't have salary
2021-06-24 04:34
United States tylertempo
do you guys think that brax is better than swag??
2021-06-24 04:38
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