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Inter and Milan supporters
United Kingdom DDoubleE 
What are your thoughts about Hakan Calhanoglu joining Inter?
2021-06-22 19:13
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Korea zeppyxdxd
i dont care about those teams, but in italy its normal for players to transfer to rival teams
2021-06-22 19:14
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Nah, its not normal lol. It happens but its not normal. How often do you see players from these teams: Milan - Inter - Napoli - Lazio - Roma - Juventus - Atalanta switch to one of the other teams? Not often
2021-06-22 19:24
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Korea zeppyxdxd
Usually most players move to juventus xD
2021-06-22 19:29
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Nah. From smaller clubs in Italy? Yes. From the once i mentioned above? Nah.
2021-06-22 19:30
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Has happened before. Doesnt really matter that much, TBH. Yes, he was a good player. But he's no Gundogan.
2021-06-23 16:10
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"Has happened before" Obviously? But it does not happen THAT often. I did not say "No, not a single player have left X to join Y" lol.
2021-06-23 16:45
Higuain, Bonucci, De Vrij are the only ones I recall
2021-06-22 19:31
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Exactly. So, like i said, it doesnt happen very often.
2021-06-22 19:35
pirlo too,ronaldo played on both inter and milan
2021-06-22 19:40
Europe SteffeMvrs
The Napoli - Juventus rivalry was invented by Napoli fans for no fucking reason, historically we give 0 fucks about them.
2021-06-23 16:29
They switch between these clubs all the time, and so does the managers. It´s not like in UK, where it´s unthinkable for players to switch between Liverpool/Man Utd or Arsenal/Tottenham.
2021-06-23 16:28
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"They switch between these clubs all the time" False. Its not often you see players switch between Milan - Inter - Napoli - Lazio - Roma - Juventus - Atalanta. And yes and no about the managers. It's not at all times but it happens more often than with players. "It´s not like in UK, where it´s unthinkable for players to switch between Liverpool/Man Utd or Arsenal/Tottenham." Depends tbh. I dont think any Chelsea supporters cared when Willian left Chelsea for Arsenal tbh. Same with Luiz.
2021-06-23 16:44
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Fans are more understanding, when the leaving player has not been getting a lot of playing time. But it was a big deal when van Persie, Sol Campbel and Ashley Cole left
2021-06-23 18:16
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"But it was a big deal when van Persie, Sol Campbel and Ashley Cole left" Because all of them were icons in X club or spent a HUGE part of their career in that club? Cole left Arsenal, a club that he played 9 years in for one of Arsenals biggest rivals. RvP left Arsenal for Manchester United after spending 8 years in Arsenal. Obviously it hurts when a icon leaves and joins a rival? Well, i dont want to call RvP an icon, but yeah. Sol Campbell left Spurs for Arsenal after spending his youth + 8 isch years in Spurs and joined a BIG rival. And i mean #30 as you can see, all of those player transfers are not recent transfers. Its in the 90s early 2000s etc.
2021-06-23 18:42
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There are more recent transfers, Bonucci, De Sciglio, but those where the biggest stars I could think of.
2021-06-24 15:03
It's an historical tradition to switch sides
2021-06-23 15:37
I agree Clarence Seedorf (Inter + Milan), Pirlo (Inter + Milan + Juve), Nesta (Lazio + Milan), Inzaghi (Juve + Milan), Vieri (Juve + Lazio + Inter + Milan), Crespo (Lazio + Inter + Milan), Ibra (Juve + Inter + Milan), Roberto Baggio (Juve + Inter + Milan) It´s not a big deal. The clubs work well together. Milan even sent Abbiati on loan to Juve, when Buffon was injured. And the clubs shared a private plane for their danish internationals to get them home quickly from a match in Turkey.
2021-06-23 16:37
I agree with #1, it doesn't seem bad in Italy.
2021-06-22 19:18
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Uhm well...not if you look at what the ultras does/think about transfers like these. I mean, look at the whole Donnarumma shitshow, they threw fake money at him, hung banners at the training facility and one of the ultras leaders threatened Donnarumma etc. Now Donnarumma will move to PSG instead of Juventus, but still.
2021-06-22 19:25
they will probably win again pirlo is shambles and I think Hakan was one of the important Milan players so their competition is weaker and they are stronger. btw his free kick while he was in Bayer I think very cool from like the half way line
2021-06-22 19:18
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the reaction of klopp was bestest mens)))
2021-06-23 15:36
#1 I agree with, it's not as extreme there as oppose to RMA<->FCB, or MUN<->MCI , same with germany i guess.
2021-06-22 19:32
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Bruh, not as extreme xD Ultras threatens players that move from *example* Milan to Inter. One of Milans ultras leaders threatened Donnarumma when he wanted to leave for Juventus lol. Spain/Germany is NOWHERE near the level of the Italian ultras when it comes to player transfers.
2021-06-22 19:38
Manchester United and City are not rivals
2021-06-22 19:43
hes ok player, i like both milan clubs but i inter was always my favorite
2021-06-22 19:41
2021-06-23 15:34
Good riddance lol
2021-06-23 15:36
Lep | 
Turkey LEPP
i was so afraid that he will come to galatasaray he is overrated F for inter
2021-06-23 15:38
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why would he join a tier 3 competition while he can play in italy
2021-06-23 16:31
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Lep | 
Turkey LEPP
2021-06-23 16:46
+1 that would be stupid
2021-06-23 16:47
Sweden C4rth
Felt bad for him, good player, deserved/needed gametime. Now that he went to Inter I just think he's a spineless pig with no morals. //Milan preferrer
2021-06-23 15:40
Bulgaria lachkonti
inter love a free transfer
2021-06-23 15:40
I'm very happy about this (AC Milan fan) it relieves Milan of economic pressure, and gives an important position to someone who's able to perform for more than 3 months at a time plus - Inter will have to play with a shit CAM and he's gonna cost them more than €4 mil a season LOOL still pretty salty about the Donnaruma ordeal tho
2021-06-23 15:46
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As a Milan fan, I am very happy donnarumma went. Raiola is an absolute garbage dump of a human, and he can go fuck himself, along with his overrated goalkeeper. Is Donnarumma worth 1 million Euro per year salary? I dont think so.
2021-06-23 16:07
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Donnarumma himself is an insane talent, and he had the chance to become a new Milan legend. but the greed il grossa idiota imposed on him is so fucking messed up. imagine being in a contract negotiation with fucking Maldini himself, and then turning down the offer, after all that's been done for gigi here: giving him the chance to play first team when he was only 16 years old, and giving his dead-end brother €1 million per season just so gigi would be happy but yeah, in the end, I'm happy Maldini didn't fall for Raiola's disgusting tactics and called his bluff. we're better off without him in the end, and Maignan seems very good as well, so I'm excited for that :D
2021-06-23 16:14
He let his contract run down, just like Donnarumma is doing. It´s sad, because Milan are just about to find their way back to the Top. But I understand how they are thinking, because just 1½ years ago, Milan looked like they where going nowhere. Glad Calhanoglu at least is staying in Italy, instead of going to EPL. The rivalry in Italy is not like England/Spain, and it´s not treason to switch between the 3 big Clubs. So many of the greatest players and managers has done that. Pirlo played for all 3 clubs. I hope Milan can stay on the right course. They don´t have the money to buy Top Players, so they will have to do like Atalanta - play with new talents and enthusiasm + recriut quality players, that are unhappy in their present Club. And hopefully stay in Top 4 until they have built the right squad. Forza Milan
2021-06-23 16:25
Germany So_Dumm
Yeah, it is the same as leaving Atletico and then joining Real, or leaving Dynamo and then joining Spartak
2021-06-23 16:40
that guy always has attitude issues and didnt really fit well into that young passionate milan squad which was very fun to watch because everyone looked like they are giving it their all, him joining the city rivals is a punch in the gut tho
2021-06-23 16:51
He's bad and milan is fucked up
2021-06-23 16:54
This thread is a mega fail! Do some research OP
2021-06-23 17:14
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