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Video: broky 1vs4 clutcherino
f0rest | 
Latvia shufflexcs Forgot to post it here, should I keep making these short highlight clips or you guys have any better ideas? I would love to hear some video ideas from you!
2021-06-25 00:36
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music is gay and way too loud but otherwise n1 men
2021-06-25 00:37
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2021-06-25 00:46
2021-06-25 15:46
2021-06-25 20:56
2021-06-25 20:57
now make a xanatres whiffs montage, ty
2021-06-25 00:38
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2021-06-25 00:45
good idea, highlights with amazing clutches etc are kinda boring already.
2021-06-25 15:09
I think it lacks something, maybe more dynamic camera, nvm great one, keep it up
2021-06-25 00:39
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yeah I just got new pc, made this video to test the recording and video settings out etc, Will do more dynamic stuff for the next video.
2021-06-25 00:40
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2021-06-25 00:41
2021-06-25 15:07
nice edit, one thing I would say is the 3rd person bit kills the pace a bit as it feels a bit random if you don't see the last player. I didn't see them on my first watch because of how fast the camera moves (and ancient's colours), but maybe spending slightly longer looking at the last player and doing a motion blurred faster transition between the two players would keep the momentum while still fulfilling the purpose. other than that, gj I am a fan
2021-06-25 15:43
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Thanks for input, will keep in mind
2021-06-25 17:04
broky best cis player
2021-06-25 15:44
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yes ofc
2021-06-25 17:19
Nice vid
2021-06-25 17:23
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ty mate
2021-06-25 20:55
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