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arT | 
Brazil Homem_REDPILLado 
Hello ppl, what a beautiful day! LAN IS BACK!!! So we have many "new" things to discuss for this fantasy, and everybody is welcome :) Today I will R8 only teams for the Play-in event, we have time for the group stage latter when its complete And if you dont know what this thread is about or how fantasy works. You post your team picks here with roles and boosters and everyone can try to help you with everything that you need or so Dont forget, join Long Dickers league too: And now we have our own Long Dickers discord affectionately called "LDTV" hehe and the LD Steam group as well! If you want to join just ask me the invitation link, we have our own TOP 30 and you can vote for it, we make a lot of live drafts too and so many friendos there, we also play anothers games, and we have very cool channels about so many things to discuss too But remember, its only for nice people and ofc.... with a long pp :P Good luck and may God bless everyone's weekend :)
2021-07-02 19:18
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2021-07-02 19:29
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it's an invite link man
2021-07-02 22:33
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Lmao kkkkkkkkkk
2021-07-03 01:31 i know the 4 teams thing but... Its only 2-3 matches
2021-07-03 01:32
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6/8 bro, its a good team but nip and mouz are on same bracket, so if they win they gonna face eachother so someone will lose, so pic players from another bracket, should be better to you :)
2021-07-02 22:15 I know it's trash, I wasn't thinking who to pick too much lol
2021-07-02 22:17
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Well thats the group stage fantasy, i think its too soon to make a team because when the play-in event finishes they will add all teams to the group stage one, so lats wait for it, did you make your team for the play-in fantasy bro?
2021-07-02 22:24
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yep I have something forces me to believe that FaZe will finally find a form at least on LAN, they've lost so many close games, I actually feel sad for them :( And I picked Vitality because they were looking pretty good at IEM Summer And maybe I'll change group stage fantasy after play-ins, depending on seeding and performance
2021-07-02 22:28
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Got you, i think many things can happen, thats why i not gonna make my team now, about the Play-in, its 6/8 imo, cuz vitality and og should have good matches, im in doubt about faze they had good matches and lose by few, i think its can work because eg can do a shit play too, i think roles are safe here, dont forgot to use boosters
2021-07-03 01:31
i am | 
Finland iBait There's a good chance EG gets to play FaZe twice so I'm hoping Stan might even end up with a positive score
2021-07-02 22:38
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Well its a 7/8 for sure, good looking team for sure, and eg can work vs faze, good roles too but not for stanis, clutch king is a dead role for me, support is a saffer pick imo Bro, good luck :)
2021-07-03 01:35
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i am | 
Finland iBait
Thanks mate, gl
2021-07-03 15:03
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2021-07-03 18:43
yeah EG will definitely beat FaZe, no chance for them lol
2021-07-04 05:50
Poland _Tacoo
2021-07-02 22:44
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Well is a pretty looking team, 7/8 imo, you have good combos here and players that can have matches with 1.40, dont think you need to change players here, roles are perfect for this lineup, i think you have a good team with good chances, good luck :)
2021-07-03 14:06
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8/8 bro, really strong team, maybe the best ive seen so Far, roles are good but ct should work better for blamef, good luck
2021-07-04 16:36
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I will do another r8 and help thread for the Group stage latter after the Play-in finishes, and your play-in link is broken, send the new one ;)
2021-07-03 14:07
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4/8, i know you have to try something different to have more chances of winning, but vici should be a very bad pick, maybe bet in some team like og, col makes more sense, but if you are confident, keep this, roles are good
2021-07-03 18:45 yeah im not too sure about it either it really just depends on who is going to have a good day
2021-07-03 01:34
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Should be 6/8 at least, good picks you have, too strong with mir, and the big combo might not go negative, i think roles are good bro, good luck :)
2021-07-04 05:24
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Broken link bro
2021-07-04 05:25
Wow LAN, where are the crowds?
2021-07-04 05:30
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Maybe next one :(
2021-07-04 16:36
Hey bro, idk if you remember me, it's been a minute since you made one of these posts, but last time you did you helped me get 3rd place and I got an AK redline. Anyways, Im looking at these other teams above and I think I should change mine:
2021-07-04 16:22
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it was your forum DH and Flashpoint Help Comment #45 that team won me so im thankful for that <3
2021-07-04 16:24
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also bro can you send me the inv link to your discord
2021-07-04 16:29
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I send on dm
2021-07-04 17:15
Holly god, congratz bro, very nice to see people going well in fantasies, loved that <3, you are welcome allways, and about this one is a 7/8, Frozen is on a very solid moment and should deliver again, vita have a ez bracket so is a cool pick tô do, about obo, eg should beat faze imo, and obo is the star guy these days, and roles looks sharp, imo you dont need to change cuz i dont saw a team like yours yet, what is good, so good luck and Hope to see you on top 3 again :)
2021-07-04 17:14
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thanks bro I hope so too <3 gl
2021-07-04 21:44
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Well 7/8 imo, col is having good matches and konfig is a solid pick, and mouz combo is good too, i liked that idea of misutaaa as your luckye guy with the multi fragger role because you are expecting him to delivers, another roles are good too and i dont think you need to change, so good luck to you
2021-07-04 17:20
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+1 thanks mens))
2021-07-04 17:24
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U r welcome 🤝🏻
2021-07-04 18:06
I just don't understand why there's skin prizes in this fantasy instead of real $$$ like it was before 🤡nline
2021-07-04 16:27
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You can sell and make money 🤩
2021-07-04 16:37
I haven't done this in a long time but here we go
2021-07-04 16:39
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Well 6/8, you dont have great combos here, but its a very sort event so maybe there is a chance, Im in doubt about degster because he did a very poor job last one, so maybe he can be q bad pick, i think roles are good, but a dont see how its can be any better, good luck :)
2021-07-05 02:43
Europe GKDNZ
2021-07-04 16:40
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5/8, idk about this big combo, maybe its too risky, and og combo is too weak, imo will be too hard bro, maybe another team should be better
2021-07-05 02:46
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6/8 you have good combos but not that good players, you need some star player to win something, maybe a star player fits better, roles are good
2021-07-05 02:53
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well, 8/8 if we look only for combos, and 7/8 when we look to players, zywoo and shox is very nice duo, col is a good team to pick, but jks and poizon are too inconsistent imo, you gonna need some look to work it, but you have bad roles, theres no sense to put karrigan as igl because you are trusting more in vitality and col, so put shox as igl, zywoo as multi fragger should be easy 5 points, jks needs to be support, poizon keep the awp and karrigan as entry is the only role that can work for him in a good game, good luck bro :)
2021-07-05 13:56
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RpK | 
France HippzZ
Thank you for your advices :)
2021-07-05 14:16
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You are welcome
2021-07-05 14:27 I'm hoping for a Zywoo carry
2021-07-05 14:18
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6/8, only zywoo doesnt means that you can go too far, you have good combos but poor players, 3 bronzes is almost impossible to win a fantasy, roles doesnt looks too good but i dont see a better setup
2021-07-05 15:15
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7/8, good combos and picks, everyone here can have a great match and score 1.40, so its not bad at all, about roles, misutaa as hs machine and shox as ct makes more sense imo
2021-07-05 20:46
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