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fnatic +mezii
Sweden The_Punisher_ 
+mezii? what? so unexpected
2021-07-20 15:21
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Ez for UK )))))))))
2021-07-21 07:18
Montenegro IzAlaN
who the fuck is that dnishcsgoleaks?
2021-07-20 15:22
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i just dont wanna believe that its true
2021-07-20 15:23
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his rumour was true about fnatic rising roster
2021-07-20 15:28
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i swear he was talking about mHl with that
2021-07-20 17:53
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iM | 
Europe g4nl0cK
yeah and then a few hours b4 the announcement he leaked 3 players from fnatic rising
2021-07-20 17:57
why? mezii being solid on t2
2021-07-20 15:28
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i dunno, he was middle on cloud9
2021-07-20 15:32
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every was middle on C9 no one could shine in that project
2021-07-20 15:33
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Please don’t lose mezzi endpoint he’s their best player 😔
2021-07-20 15:45
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just do the Thomas cycle, -Mezii, get young superstar, get big payout, get Mezii back on a free after Fnatic leaves CSGO
2021-07-20 15:46
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Are there any good British players that are available
2021-07-20 15:49
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the academy team but none of them are ready to fill Mezii’s shoes imo so idk
2021-07-20 16:02
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Maybe iM from gamer legion could work
2021-07-20 17:43
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Endpoint don’t just buy players, can’t remember the last time they did, would defo get a free agent
2021-07-20 17:45
Mezii is one of the best player they could have picked up tbh. He is very good for sure
2021-07-20 15:47
Germany Nachofish
idk but these csgoleak acounts often get this stuff right at least who teams are in talks with the german one gets pretty much 99% correct
2021-07-21 07:29
Dosia | 
Poland iOFF
same with polish leaks
2021-07-20 16:08
Slovakia potejto1212
Mezii carried endpoint so hard. He is rly good player def deserves better team
2021-07-20 15:24
Turkey orionski
i'm okay with that.
2021-07-20 15:25
Omg Danish csgo leaks, who is this guy? If his predictions come true (about fnatic, astralis), everyone will talk and consider him a reliable source.
2021-07-20 15:25
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2021-07-20 15:31
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Yaa he guessed correctly about it. Hoping same for astralis
2021-07-20 15:41
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guessed? how can you guess an academy roster. probably someone insider
2021-07-20 15:42
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he missed his first prediction and then 4h before they made announcement he said good roster, thats not that much reliable and some of those roster players were obvious
2021-07-20 15:44
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any kind of source isn't 100% reliable
2021-07-20 15:45
2021-07-20 17:46
dude, he "leaked" this like 4 hours before announcement, that is not a leak, at this point even you can find their pracc server and leak like this
2021-07-21 07:17
Italy I_like_csgo
Mezii is a good players and would improve Fnatic by a lot, but I still dont trust this source
2021-07-20 15:25
perfect player for them if it's real
2021-07-20 15:27
Sweden Fizze
Endpoint is more stable choose for now
2021-07-20 15:28
Krimz Brollan Alex Mezii Mhl Could be a decent roster ngl
2021-07-20 15:29
MSL not streaming that much lately
2021-07-20 15:33
shiiit rly mezii this soon? ggwp to him maybe get ALEX too then
2021-07-20 15:33
Finland wrathh
I feel like Endpoint could've gone further by getting smooooooooooooooooya but yeah sure
2021-07-20 15:42
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2021-07-20 15:50
mezii has been unreal for endpoint, smooya wouldn't have impacted the game the way mezii did
2021-07-20 17:49
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Finland wrathh
it would still be a noticeable improvement to have him as a sniper over CRUC1AL and it'd be a full ingerland lineup to sugarcoat things
2021-07-20 18:06
Mezii Brollan Krimz Jackinho MSL Do we think it will be more changes?
2021-07-20 15:49
United Kingdom StonkBonk
He’s smurfing in t2 so good move if true
2021-07-20 16:06
Panama bakedcs
Mezii cracked good pickup
2021-07-20 16:11
mezi is actully good and also young, I will be sad if we add MSL unless everything we play is on LAN immidietly bc hes incredibly shit online era
2021-07-20 17:45
good idea ! mezzi is good player 🔥 fnatic will improve a lot of with him 🔥
2021-07-20 17:46
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Denmark theHeniek
these fires are kinda cringe, anyway u r right
2021-07-20 17:55
Yeah, so cringe
2021-07-21 07:07
mezii coming in is imo very good move but Im not sure about MSL tbh but the truth is there is lack of decent igl's nowadays
2021-07-20 17:59
No msl pls
2021-07-21 07:07
EndPoint is literally just a player factory. They probably have so much money.
2021-07-21 07:09
Ireland reyno0o
With mezii coming in, it would actually make sense if ALEX was going to be the ingame leader... with Jackinho staying on awp
2021-07-21 07:26
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