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Crazy economy idea, new mode
FalleN | 
Brazil I_Love_FalleN 
Give all the money to both teams from the start like 50k money, then the rest of the match they dont receive anything, losing or winning. If a team burn their money out, they would have to play eco the rest of the match xaxaxaxa or steal the other team gun, utilitary. Crazy but could be fun.
2021-07-21 03:14
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Valvo wya
2021-07-21 03:15
To be honest though would be hell in MM but would be a good pro idea
2021-07-21 03:16
2 replies
Imagine the mind games.
2021-07-21 03:22
a new role would be born, the steal gun and throw away to burn other team money LOL
2021-07-21 03:25
Na it would just be SMG's and pistols all game, little utility. Rifles would be too expensive.
2021-07-21 03:17
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No, it would be the opposite. Big gun buys in the beginning, whoever starts winning will snowball because whoever looses will be on pistols while the winning team will be on rifles.
2021-07-21 04:17
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"Give all the money to both teams from the start like 50k money, then the rest of the match they dont receive anything, losing or winning."
2021-07-21 04:35
this is cery amazing
2021-07-21 03:18
imagine silver MM
2021-07-21 03:22
3 replies
imagine big brain karrigan, fallen, gla1ve mind games
2021-07-21 03:22
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fallen would first have the igl of TL tho
2021-07-21 03:32
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OP is feeling the pain rn xD
2021-07-21 05:35
That could be decent for a showmatch
2021-07-21 03:27
bring back buying ammo
2021-07-21 03:28
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2400 ak is op
2021-07-21 03:41
I respect it however there is no reason to not full buy every round
2021-07-21 03:30
DD | 
Andorra breasts
you should be able to buy scope and silencer for all rifles , maybe dot sights , maybe some other interesting things too!!
2021-07-21 03:39
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Are you a COD player or just baiting?
2021-07-21 05:18
Poland ethereal0
brazilians are getting flamed because post like this
2021-07-21 03:40
ngl this is interesting
2021-07-21 03:43
interesting idea, full buys would last about half of those rounds so teams got 6-7 rounds to play around with small buys and ecos I would keep the current kill reward earnings to reward teams who get kills with worse weapons
2021-07-21 03:57
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kill reward should be preserved so even if both teams go bank rupt, they still could farm with kills and buy something.
2021-07-21 05:02
if a team dominates, they would dominate harder but for close games this would be interesting as fuck
2021-07-21 03:59
wtf actual good post on hltv?!?!?!
2021-07-21 04:09
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i do a lot of good threads. but some are baits.
2021-07-21 05:03
This is the worst idea possible. 3 seconds of thinking and you’ll see why this is terrible
2021-07-21 04:18
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+1 falls apart instantly as soon as you think about things like how economy supposed to flow, no money rewards at all, etc
2021-07-21 05:51
This would encourage saving a lot, no? Sounds pretty fun though but less rounds to counter saving.
2021-07-21 04:30
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saving but if you know the other team is low on money, try to damage their economy would be much more effective. for mind games, the sky is the limit.
2021-07-21 05:13
actually teams would have one more reason to try retake, one is winning the round, other would be damage other team economy with more impact on the match itself.
2021-07-21 05:15
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Its hard to hypothesised what will happen as this gamemode has been played but I believe that saving would be extremely important as money is scarce. Hunting would be too risky unless, the winning team is winning flawlessly. Trapping Ts inside bombsites would also be a better option than retaking.
2021-07-21 12:08
I was hoping that this wouldn't be about CS
2021-07-21 05:16
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