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Valve logic
North America joeS 
Update that was released an hour ago [Matchmaking] – Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns. They already don't look at validity for "abusive communication" reports and a lot of people have been falsly muted in the past. How can they see this update as a good thing??? Every single system they implement has been abused and manipulated. Are Valve devs that braindead to rely on REPORTS for auto bans for griefing? I just don't get it. $1m Skin contest btw but absolute dogshit Anticheat + report system. I already see this new system being abused out the ass.
2021-07-22 04:16
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Thats why you design a solid skin, take the money and never play CS ever again. Ez.
2021-07-22 04:18
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2021-07-22 04:19
or just make a living talking shit about it
2021-07-22 05:48
You might think they're braindead but the way I see it, it looks like they're trying to take steps to actually fixing MM Small steps sure, but it's better than doing absolutely nothing Recently they've been looking like they've been giving CS more attention I can only hope things get better
2021-07-22 04:32
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North America joeS
they should focus on the only thing people have asked for for years and then work on the small stuff. it's embarrassing.
2021-07-22 04:49
+1 Just give us a better ranking system pls like fucking valorant
2021-07-22 08:36
I have a griefing ban from 6 years ago for being AFK, second ban is perma ban.
2021-07-22 04:34
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United States Ironwolf21
Yes, its not like you get reported and kicked from a team full of Russian twats who don't speak English and grief you for 5 rounds then get Das Boot.
2021-07-22 05:54
soft ban for greifing might be pretty annoying.. i get reported a lot for greifing just for force buying i think. should not be penalized bc i believe in a different meta
2021-07-22 05:01
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France poulpup
" I believe in a different meta " hahahahahaha
2021-07-22 05:39
"i believe in a different meta" - Chedca2 Well, that's what Astralis said in 2018 and look what they did. Maybe you're on to something lol.
2021-07-22 05:41
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<3 all the guns r good
2021-07-22 07:08
rofl there was a team called gplay, bulgarians one time they forcebought until it was 0-7 for them on cobble
2021-07-22 05:50
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if someone knows they are going to lose that's one thing, but why deny the opportunity to play with cheap guns in game of match making? follow the meta what is this LoL?!?!
2021-07-22 07:09
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just buy cool skins for your pistols and mp9s and use them all game, ez
2021-07-22 17:45
Korea HullU
They're never gonna release a good anti cheat, ever. Hope this doesn't age well
2021-07-22 06:31
Its fun how hard they are trying to kill this game xD
2021-07-22 06:59
"people have been falsly muted in the past." This is wrong. Whenever I unmute a pre-muted person, they act toxic and I mute them back.
2021-07-22 17:49
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France Hillfear
2021-07-22 18:15
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