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Probability of JKS getting benched?
It seems like Jason Lake is not afraid to remove people. He gave this Complexity squad enough chances to prove that they can win, but so far the results have been disappointing for the last 10 events or something. They already -keita, and -RUSH, what do you think the likelihood of either JKS or POIZON getting benched soon for someone new?
2021-07-23 04:13
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Asia Blitzer
a proper coach and awper is what they need. jks is fine
2021-07-23 04:14
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+el1an +zonic
2021-07-23 14:27
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Finland kalza1
can el1an even speak english he is very great tho
2021-07-24 10:29
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Afaik his english is good enough to communicate in the game. Can't say for sure.
2021-07-24 10:34
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He gives English interviews so yeah IG
2021-07-25 06:36
United States Based_Akhi
the problem is blamef
2021-07-23 04:14
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United States Rayduh
I can see -blameF soon tbh, he started streaming faceit pugs recently, and if you know blameF, he never pugs I think complexity might topple the entire playbook of baiter and baiting, and try to adapt a brand new system with a new IGL and a new coach, wouldn't be surprised if they get ALEX too
2021-07-23 04:22
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He's the core of the problem. Having an IGL who is a baiter is extremely dangerous, because it means that they can set himself up for success instead of trying to set his teammate up for success. Gla1ve & Karrigan has set his teammate up for success for a long period of time, that's makes them respected.
2021-07-23 04:43
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calling BlameF a baiter in 2021
2021-07-23 10:45
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He's the star-lurk of the team. Thus making him the baiter. I am not stating that being a baiter is bad, but being the IGL while baiting your teammates is dangerous. You can make yourself look good and set yourself up for success.
2021-07-23 11:06
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the difference is he is not setting himself up for success and i don't get were you get that from. No he is not going in first like many other igl's but he isn't always the last one alive. In your theory shouldn't jame also be a bad igl then? he is getting awp's dropped by people without armor. He is constantly saving and doesn't take risks. It's all about the system. Notice in both VP and Complexity they have a star player who they send out on aggresive missions (Yekindar & K0nfig). Im pretty sure you're not watching many Complexity matches because you are stating he is a lurk. If you look at the VOD's you will see actually Jks being the main lurk. They play heavily on entry's provided by either Poizon or K0nfig. So it makes sense when you already have two aggresive players to not have a third.
2021-07-23 11:19
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Um...What in the world? He's definitely the lurker I don't know what VODs you're watching mate.
2021-07-23 11:38
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he is the lurk yeah, i fucked up in my text, but his lurk role is key to alot of there t rounds, just stop with the blameF slander you clearly don't know what you are talking about.
2021-07-23 13:34
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Mate, I've just watched his VODs in IEM Cologne. He sets himself up for success. Am I wrong to say that? He was the star-player prior to JKS joining and still is. Nothing has changed that. And now you're saying that I don't know what I am talking about. There is a reason why he's the only player in Complexity to be in the Top 20 HLTV Ranking. He's always in the clutch situation at the end of the day, and that's because he's placed in the star position.
2021-07-23 14:16
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nobody goes after Jame for the infamous JAME TIME though but people are biased against blameF even though it is his first year IGLing at t1. I am a fan of col and acknowledge something needs to change but I think with a new coach there will be a change in style and it doesn't help poizon has not been consistent, hopefully that changes
2021-07-23 14:34
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I think you're absolutely right regarding the fact that Poizon has been inconsistent and that definitely does not help the team. But I think having a IGL lurk for the team just doesn't work in the long run. You can't call successfully because it means that you're calling based on seeing dots on the radar. I am saying this from personal experience, the only exception to this rule is that they are playing extremely loose.
2021-07-23 15:09
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I agree 100% I think that shows a bit of inexperience IGLing at the top level which is to be expected tbh. I really like blameF and on his stream today he did say something about role changes and are gonna play more loose or something. exciting times ahead
2021-07-23 23:17
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Karrigan and apEX said something similar in IGLing. Where you need to be with your team. That is why if you look at all the successful IGLs in history which have won multiple trophies they are usually the primary or secondary entry of the team so that they can make the decisions when they are with the team. That being said, the only exception is FalleN who first was playing the Awp role but was known to have a team that was calling extremely loose in comparison to other teams. Furthermore, he was usually with the team so he was not the lurker and was usually with the team thus enabling him to make calls without just seeing the dots on the radar.
2021-07-24 03:58
you are really not processing what the guy is saying. he is not saying that blamef is a bad player or him being a lurker is the sole reason they are playing bad. he is saying that he puts himself in the good position all the time as the IGL and it is a risky thing to do because you would want other players to shine too. esetag is going to get the shit roles and could be less effective than he could be
2021-07-23 14:35
Toft | 
Denmark LJSI
Imagine removing a top 6 player from your team. The blamef hate is so dumb it hurts
2021-07-23 11:02
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2021-07-23 14:34
2021-07-23 14:52
If he isn't going to change his style he should at least stop IGLing
2021-07-23 23:48
blameF does pug I've played against him oBo and Keita on faceit wdym
2021-07-23 14:36
There’s nobody significantly better available. Too many people don’t actually watch jks play and look at stats. He’s doing fine
2021-07-23 04:15
Germany Droidd
2021-07-23 04:16
Asia en1lykS
jks: 55%, I think
2021-07-23 04:27
If complexity changes their roster again before the team with es3tag has a chance to perform, it would be pretty dumb and a waste of money.
2021-07-23 04:28
Japan Legoshi
2021-07-23 04:28
Poizon will likely be next change. Cutting jks fixes nothing really because there aren’t any players that are significantly better available
2021-07-23 04:29
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Some Rumors said Magisk and imo he has similar roles and can really do some damage.
2021-07-23 04:31
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JKS has more similar roles to Xyp9x, But the difference is on T side JKS doesn't get to lurk because of BlameF
2021-07-23 10:28
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I do agree with that. But imo if CoL want to go Full danish, Magisk because of his history with K0nfig is a no-brainer.
2021-07-23 11:18
Magisk and Jks having similiar roles?
2021-07-23 11:20
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Used to, those idiots at col headquarters made him support
2021-07-25 06:15
jks is not getting benched soon bro, his photo finally got updated
2021-07-23 04:38
they have to get rid of poizon already
2021-07-23 10:29
-poizon for sure -jks 50/50, depends on do they want to play as international squad and communicate on english or do they want to go full danish
2021-07-23 10:30
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What danish IGL is available?
2021-07-23 23:49
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Hooxi, msl That's probably it
2021-07-24 10:27
2021-07-25 05:04
everyone could be benched except k0nfig tbh the team has too many problems keita coach rush performance poizon low impact blamef baiting jks roles
2021-07-23 10:31
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BlameF should focus more on calling instead of baiting That enables JKS to have some of his 100T roles back and he will be performing a lot better RUSH wasn't a problem but Es3tag is an upgrade, Sadly for him Poizon needs to find some consistency, Maybe a new IGL could help him but otherwise not sure
2021-07-23 10:33
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ahahah name checks out, ye you are right, i hope the new coach changes blameF mentality
2021-07-23 10:38
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2021-07-23 10:40
jks kinda like jackz but with a S, hes good player, doing his job sometimes having a sick game sometimes not but in reality his stats dont matter for the things he does.
2021-07-23 10:33
Poizon will be removed i think
2021-07-23 10:34
- jks + magisk
2021-07-23 10:41
Toft | 
Denmark LJSI
Remove poizon first
2021-07-23 11:03
I love jks but the guy has been grinding for over 10 years I find it hard hard believe he's motivated but maybe he is.
2021-07-23 11:05
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WoW is his second baby after CS he grindes new expansion every now and then.
2021-07-23 14:33
Portugal dascouves
coL has no future with baitF as an IGL
2021-07-23 11:05
"jason lake is not afraid to remove people". man. he removed way too late, dont you think. since obo left, they have almost no results to show. that was somewhere in sept last year.
2021-07-23 11:23
-Poizon +JW
2021-07-23 11:39
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2021-07-23 14:26
it’s so crazy it just might work lol no
2021-07-25 05:24
Sweden AFCHannes
they could go full danish tbh, even poizon have been somewhat underwhelming last 3 months
2021-07-23 11:44
If they remove anyone but Poizon it's 20iq management Kicking support player and keeping 1.0 AWPer is stupid as well
2021-07-23 14:20
Maybe after some time we'll see, they just announced player signings so maybe they're finished benching players. Who knows who needs to get fuckin' benched.
2021-07-23 14:23
no more roster change, only + coach
2021-07-23 14:24
Brazil BEHEM0T
it would be a shame if they kick jks. beside gamewise matters, he seems to get along so well with konfig. it's cute
2021-07-23 14:25
JKS will be in even more shitty roles while BaitF just pads his stats
2021-07-23 14:25
they will kick poizon next, if doesnt work then blamef, then jks and k0nfig is last
2021-07-23 14:25
50% probability
2021-07-23 14:26
they need a better awper, -pozion +jw
2021-07-23 14:27
50/50 either he gets benched or not))
2021-07-23 14:39
they need a better AWPer. poizon gets a decent amount of freedom in that team but has to little impact imo
2021-07-23 23:22
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2021-07-25 04:56
2021-07-25 05:06
jks needs (and deserves) a proper role
2021-07-25 05:00
Jks will not get benched only person that needs to go and ever needed to go was poizon and maybe keita
2021-07-25 05:03
Why don't you guys understand that when star players change teams, they might not have the same star positions, get over it
2021-07-25 05:18
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