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Future is here
TooSmart | 
Brazil BR_SCIENTIST_145IQ imagine if this drone army is armed...
2021-07-23 16:36
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name checks out
2021-07-23 16:37
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in 10 years he will find nuclear bombs
2021-07-23 16:43
name doesnt check out
2021-07-23 16:38
ztr | 
Germany saluxus
who car
2021-07-23 16:38
holly molly that was super cool. LOVE IT
2021-07-23 16:42
Singapore Am1de
What do you mean if Drone is armed? US using drone strike since Bush and Obama era.
2021-07-23 16:48
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since 1970 *
2021-07-23 16:52
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Singapore Am1de
I'm talking about targeted drone strike. On November 3, 2002, the first recorded targeted drone strike by the CIA killed six targets suspected of participating in al Qaeda and posing a US security threat in the country of Yemen.
2021-07-23 17:12
United States gweees
thats cool
2021-07-23 17:14
There are already drone capabilities (like small drones like the ones shown here) in several armies. The real fear is individuals using drones to perform terrorist acts. This will be unstoppable.
2021-07-23 17:15
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