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complexity disband date
Lithuania Koo0L 
with great new pickups of pric3tag and peacemaker when do you think col will finally disband? february 2022 is my guess
2021-07-24 00:09
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I don't know. If they do disband though I hope COL stays in CS as it is a legendary ORG
2021-07-24 00:10
I think both will shut a lot of people's mouths, just like LNZ did on NiP, or B1T on NaVi
2021-07-24 00:10
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Argentina cheapdeed
+1 but still kinda delusional
2021-07-24 00:15
United States ascendaNt88
lnz lol
2021-07-24 00:16
peacemaker is one of the couches that bring the worst results, stop it
2021-07-24 00:17
United Kingdom Aqishimaaa
i dont think LNZ has shut anyone up lol
2021-07-24 00:49
lmao lnz
2021-07-24 01:01
lnz kkkkk
2021-07-24 01:18
lnz lmfao
2021-07-24 23:23
Namibia KhT
give them time
2021-07-24 00:16
Nah i think this lineup will win trophies mark my words
2021-07-24 00:19
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EliGE | 
Poland Roxin
Sure, they can win dreamhack open finals
2021-07-24 00:24
snow sweet snow maybe
2021-07-24 01:19
I think this will work out for them, so no disband in the near future
2021-07-24 00:25
I don't think they will disband but they for sure -peacemaker by late 2022. Would not be surprised if they win a couple of smaller tier 1.5-2 tourneys
2021-07-24 00:29
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But they don’t even play those
2021-07-24 01:04
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They have played smaller tourneys though: Spring Sweet Spring 3 FunSpark ULTI 2020 Europe Final Not a lot, but they can start doing that for sure, specially since they have a new roster and they might as well get some practice with it
2021-07-24 18:42
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Yes I know when the online era started after the team was just started they where grinding and had by far the most matches played as tier 1 but this year…
2021-07-24 23:22
ooF, toxic coach joining alpha's blameF/k0nfig. will be gone before end of the year.
2021-07-24 01:09
I wonder why not Zews, much better than peacemaker i know baitF and peacemaker have worked together before, but to be honest, peacemaker is one of the worst coaches in the t1 scene. Looks like baitF just wants to resume the old Heroic list in coL lol
2021-07-24 01:22
col top5 ez
2021-07-24 18:45
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