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STUCK help me level 5
arteezy | 
Taiwan Slayerzxqc 
I played lil more than 100 games but i am stuck on level5, i often get matched with level 1 and level 3, have to carry them, do I have to buy premium?
2021-07-24 04:32
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get better or quit (i quit)
2021-07-24 04:36
Brazil Bactuga
Yes. buy premium, if you are really playing that many games and you want to improve i dont see why you wouldnt wanna atleast pay to make the game more enjoyable
2021-07-24 04:36
Portugal cyn1cal
Play more, and one day you will be level 4
2021-07-24 04:37
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2021-07-24 04:37
You need a 5 man team if you want to go up in Faceit or else like you said you'll be queued with Lvl 1 and 2 which to call it annoying would be a massive understatement.
2021-07-24 04:39
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Very well said, obviously you can get to a higher rank solo or even with just 3, it would just take way too fucking long.
2021-07-24 04:54
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