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Idea for valve
Sell ??skins with face of professional players. Pros will make money, you make money. GREAT IDEA 500IQ i want to play with s1mple
2021-07-24 11:31
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Ukraine Alexandro21
2021-07-24 11:33
Ukraine volod1m1r
>i want to play with s1mple xaxaxaxaxa
2021-07-24 11:34
Ukraine volod1m1r
Idea for valve: disband. Fucking hire somebody who cares for the game
2021-07-24 11:35
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2021-07-24 11:40
2021-07-24 12:16
2021-07-24 12:33
2021-07-24 12:38
And then ruin it like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Rockstar, CDPR and basically every AAA game studio these days.
2021-07-24 13:02
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JUGi | 
Finland Khroni
Literally none of these studios care for their games, they treat them like Valve treats CS and DotA - endless cash cows
2021-07-24 13:14
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Valve treats CS/Dota far better than the other studios do their respective games. Otherwise you'd have a new CS every year, online only, the "bad" kind of MTX, 60$ game + expansion/premium, SBMM/EOMM, fuckton more bugs, MAX 60tick servers. ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNITY CONTENT.
2021-07-24 13:21
And give to to who? EA? Activision? Lul Only company I'd consider would be Riot but that ain't happening so we're stuck with Volvo
2021-07-24 13:10
nah cs is good as it is
2021-07-24 13:30
this would be so fucking bad
2021-07-24 11:37
LTN | 
face is not that great idea tho, people can do weird sh*t with faces, but we already have the sticker right? kennyS gold sticker is more worth than some knives!!
2021-07-24 11:39
Finland SunMutsi
Valorant player spotted.
2021-07-24 11:46
Next level simping
2021-07-24 12:12
Idea for valve: stop killing your own game 👌
2021-07-24 12:16
Russia putin2020
skins for the teams is a better idea imo some of the skins in siege are pretty nice
2021-07-24 12:21
Haters would add DickStacy's sticker near someone's face
2021-07-24 12:28
Lithuania Afgan`
Nice try fortnite player
2021-07-24 12:35
Just buy stickers, they maybe can add team patches for player models
2021-07-24 13:06
idea for valve: the chinese are buying.
2021-07-24 13:12
I think they should have a major case with skins which are abstract art signifying the legend status team and thier players And may be have a glove skin for major champion team
2021-07-24 13:13
Australia B_Tannen
Team themed items would be better than faces.
2021-07-24 13:23
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