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How to save NA CS scene
Spain Tool40 
Valve should talk with 12 orgs and make a franchised league, divided in west and east, first three teams of each one advance to playoffs and whoever wins gets 1M prizepool. This should be celebrated during July - September and when CS circuit starts again they can play it. Thoughts? Just for NA teams.
2021-07-24 18:57
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sounds cool but where is that money coming from because valve sure as hell isn't paying that
2021-07-24 18:58
Finland hermion
Why would valve do that
2021-07-24 18:59
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i am | 
Finland iBait
to make monies
2021-07-24 18:59
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Finland hermion
Doesnt seem very profitable
2021-07-24 19:01
More NA orgs = more sponsors
2021-07-24 19:00
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device | 
Denmark JKTP
Does valve make money from sponsors?
2021-07-24 19:14
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It's a circle and ends up with cs skins
2021-07-24 19:19
LTN | 
the problem is volvo won't talk.....
2021-07-24 18:59
Sounds great, where are we players from?
2021-07-24 19:05
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2021-07-24 19:09
heres how to Fix NA Add anti cheat so players stick around instead of getting dicked down by rage cheaters every other match. NA servers hold less than 1% of playerbase.
2021-07-24 19:06
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NA mm is a shit show. The top couple ranks are literally only cheaters. The only way to have a good experience in na mm is playing 5q esea(cuz otherwise toxic teammates, and its back). mythic is also toxic from what I heard. Not many options.
2021-07-24 19:46
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ESEA is dead bro. Ive tried (also own 1 year sub) and it takes 30+ mins to que. NA MM above DMG is 100% cheaters. Even MG is like 50% cheaters on the way to global. It's an actual joke. Only time I play MM I have to use exitlag to connect to EU West servers. But even now I dont do that cause last game I had there was against a spinbotter who is still not banned after 2 weeks. Im at such a crossroads with csgo right now. I love the game with a passion but Valve has pissed me off so much with their band aid bullshit fixes. Then the $1m case contest kind of feels like a spit in the face when they should use that money to fix the god damn anti cheat.
2021-07-24 19:55
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I dont know when u q, usually takes a few mins. Just join a team and only play scrims and games.
2021-07-24 20:16
overwatch league 2.0
2021-07-24 19:09
Canada firtlast
how to fix NA - you don't. just wait for player salaries to eventually tank to 1/4 of what they should be and then more orgs might actually join in
2021-07-24 19:09
Spain Nepomu
Valve prefers to give 1 millions to skin creators anyway so they can get them big bucks from cases
2021-07-24 19:09
Russia Trueteller
how to fix NA guide: 1. git gud scrubs
2021-07-24 19:17
North America Phyxda
NA will never be saved cause cs isn’t popular with NA kiddos like valarante. Cs is mainstream for euro/cis/br but will never be the case in NA
2021-07-24 19:31
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they could fix NA cs if they added anti cheat. the only reason my friends dont play and dont try to learn is because it's so clogged up with rage cheaters. Valorant is popular because vanguard. Even though valorant still has cheaters, people feel safer to play it and dont automatically assume everyone is cheating like CS.
2021-07-24 19:58
1 million seems a bit too much.. especially since all the teams aren't going to be top tier
2021-07-24 19:33
Jake Paul can save NA
2021-07-24 19:38
Im just waiting for new revelation in internet history. I mean create new internet technology that allows to play with <60 ping in all countries around the world. Imagine FPL, FPL-C, maybe FPL-D with talents from all countries (including NA, Arabic countries etc., even Africa). I want to experience this when Im still on this world.
2021-07-24 20:07
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