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ESEA season 38 - trailer hype!
Portugal LADY_NINI - 
ESEA's third season registrations open in 2 days, are you going in? In the meantime, check out this impressive trailer. For those who will try their luck this season, we wish you the best! You can literally feel the hype train, hard to miss:
2021-07-24 20:30
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im over here going 9-20 in community retakes sad I don't have anybody to queue up with anyway
2021-07-24 20:32
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Sad, I hope you find some new people to queue up soon!
2021-07-24 20:36
seen it like 100 times during cologne
2021-07-24 20:36
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I know, I was just remembering the people!
2021-07-24 20:39
Ukraine eugcomax
ez for Akuma
2021-07-24 20:43
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Canada firtlast
+1 their heightened gamesense will destroy all noobs
2021-07-24 20:47
Ukraine W1ldHunt
I just wanna shoot people and then rekt NaVi in a major final
2021-07-24 20:48
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Good luck!
2021-07-24 20:50
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